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feeling gassy..?

lol i drank a lot of soda today and junk i guess

my stomach hurts

what should i eat/not eat?

i just had a tums.

my stomach hurts on a daily basis anyway. probably because i have irritable bowel syndrom.

help please:(


im skinny but ive been depressed lately and i dont eat that much but i do have junk.

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    Don't eat any more junk food for a little bit,eat healthier food and take some medicine =D

    Hope ya feel better.

  • pau
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    1 decade ago

    i eat a lot of junks like chips, fries. But, one thing i don't take is soda coz it is gassy and definitely not good for the stomach. If you need to drink, take anything that is non gassy, and that means coke. It helps.

  • 1 decade ago

    Guy some Gas-ex. It will take away that bloated, gassy feeling. Tums will not work for gas.

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