What is happening to the 'female' of the species in movies today?

Why are women's characters in movies becoming more and more like men. There doesn't seem to be any movies out these days where the heroine is a 'heroine'. Writers seem to want to make the lady of the film as tough as the man. I understand times are changing and I'm not saying all women in action type of films should be screaming wrecks i.e. Willy Scott in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. However, the writers seem afraid to make the characters too female (womens 'lib' and all that). As an example, Elizabeth Swan in the Pirates of the Carabean. In the first one she is beautiful, very feminie and fiesty, (not a wuss). In the second they turn her into a backwards dagger wielding gal in mens clothes who would probably wipe the floor with Will Turner in a scrap. Now it looks like the new Mummy film is going to have a tough type of fighter heroine. What is going on with movies today. Bring back the female and keep us different to the blokes yuck! What do you think?


Sorry, I know I'm rambling on now but another example. I watched Die Hard 4 recently. His daughter is rock hard (no way does she need protecting) and the main bad mans side kick is a women (of a very very slender build) and yet she kicks the crap out of John. Whatever! Angelina Jollie is the same. There is no way someone that thin could have that much strength. I should know, I'm 5'1" and tiny at 7 stone. Ok, bring it on you momma's boys. I probably couldn't fight a 12 year old boy! Nothing is realistic, why make the heroine butch.

Update 2:

Please, please answer my question and give me your views on this. The only girls aloud to be girls in movies these days seem to be in the costume dramas. I want my women character in films (especially action) to be women. Rant over. Thanks for your spin on this. Please tell me if I'm wrong and what you think. I welcome answers from everyone! x

Update 3:

Markwillstar - thanks for your great answer. Just a note to say that I did notice the women in the other mummy films. In the first she was really feminie and girlie and then again wham, in the second she became this fighter women that was rock hard (due to her ancestory of being the pharoes daughter) - again they changed the character! Arrrrrrgh!

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    I have to agree with you, I do not understand Hollywoods fascination with making Women act like Men? The truth is Women can be tough and still be feminine, but hollywood denies that for female characters and that is sad.

    As much as people want to argue against it (I still do not know what their beef is?) Men and Women are different and have different skills and abilities (in general) but it all equals out. Women are thus equally as tough but in a different way and that should be celebrated not looked down upon! By portraying females as men with breasts, it is a disrespect to the qualities of femininity.

    A good example I think of was the show Alias with Jennifer Garner. The first season she was feminine, used her wits over brawn and embraced her emotional gifts. The second season she turned into a man and just started beating people up, no using her brain, no problem solving through the wonderful female filter, just a man with breasts.

    I miss the old school female characters who were tough as nails and wielded great power without having to compromise her femininity.

    Scientifically it fits this society thats obsessed with sex (not love making and romance) which confuses love with lust. Testosterone is a driver in the attraction of the flesh and is misused by making it fuel for lust. Men who are trained to be attracted to this shallow processes are attracted to people who are sexually just as shallow.

    Women who do "adult" films studies have shown have a high level of testosterone (In other words have a lot of male hormone) and that is what allows them to participate in that kind of business. Well, America promotes these she-males as beautiful, and men pay billions for it every year. Are these women beautiful? Absolutely not they are the height of creepiness!

    At the bottom of it, the truth is that society has been trying to make men into women and women into men for years. They have been promoting what's shallow is beautiful and what's deep down is ugly and shameful. Testosterone lusting after testosterone is the culprit of burying real feminine characters. Yea its sick and hurtful to women but that is this society, one that I choose not to support.

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    About what you said that the women could never beat up the guys the way they do, I'm sure that they could, it all depends on their skills in fighting. They had probably been studying martial arts their entire lives (in the movie, that is, not in real life, heh)...On the other subject, I see where you are coming from, in that they seem to want to make the women "manly", and in doing so just turn them butch...For instance, yes they can make the women brave and able to care for themselves, but the filmmakers or whoever should keep their feminine side intact, such as, yes, they DO care about their hair, or their clothes. I have seen this type in the movies a few times, I can't recall any exact titles, but I know I have seen some that keep the woman still a woman but strong and bad-*** at the same time.

    And, actually, I liked Ms. Swan in Pirates of the Carribean 2, I thought she was awesome :)

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    Well, you picked a particular genre: action movie, those movies focus on action and adventure, characters' development is always on the background, it's there to support the story, and main characters are 'tough' because it goes with the dynamic of the plot. If you take any other genre, drama, romance, comedy, you'll see that it's not like that at all. And btw, Angelina Jolie is always playing the same role:she's always a tough, independent woman who doesn't take crap from anybody, she has no versatility. I still don't get why she is considered such a good actress. Maybe because she's hot.

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    well i think it goes back to about 98 when Bond decided they were tired of having the women more on the side. well 94 if you count the russian woman's role in Goldeneye.

    But in 98 they decided to even up the team with "Tommorrow never dies" and the idea was, Bond is no longer the only hero.

    They wanted the women to have even chances to be big in the movies.

    Since then you see a lot of it.

    hell you should think thats good.

    Heroines just get in the way of a good movie if its just "Slay the dragon and save the beautifull princess" movie all the time.

    thats boring.

    as for the new Mummy Movie, of course there's a female main part in it.

    there's been a female main part in all 3 in case you werent paying attention.

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    i have to agree with you, i dont know why this is happening, i think it has to do with rise of a feminine power. I think they set the time to actually kick men's as****. Its ridiculous, a lot of men are turning gay because of the fact there is no feminity to be sensed. These hollywood directors and movie producers are the reason why the world is so ****** up. They're molding the world the way they want, and since they're bored of women being too feminine they're making us physically stronger than men, its silly.

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