How can I as a young teen make money?

My parents will not allow me to help neighbors around my neighborhood. I cant do anything that involves helping anyone around our neighborhood. I was wondering what other job or buisness venture I can endure to make money.I am legally still to young to work in a minimum wage job. What can I do to really turn up the cash?

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    Well, if you can't help anyone in your neighborhood out, then that eliminates most of the jobs. Maybe you can babysit for a relative or feed a friends animals while they are away for the weekend. I lived in the country and had a job one summer peeling Tee Pee poles. It sucked, but it was all I was able to do to earn money.

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    Just a thought or two you may want to consider. First - selling American flags (assuming you are in the USA. If not, sell Canadian flags, etc.). Now, this may sound wild, but think about it for a minute. In the not too distant future, we have several days upon which flags could and should be flown. Independence Day, of course, is the "biggie." Most Americans don't even have an American flag, simply because it's too much trouble to go buy one.

    Go to your local library. In the reference section, look in the big thick collection of books called "Thomas' Register." Ask the librarian if necessary. Look under "Flags, American" for manufacturers. Pick out several with ads which seem to be workable. Most will have a toll-free phone number. Call, or write, to get a sample and "quantity" prices. Explain that you want to go door to door (ala Girl Scout cookies) and take prepaid orders for flags. If need be, buy one as your "sample" flag. Then, preferably on the weekend when people are home, become a salesperson. Have a free-flowing presentation, a neat, clean sample (YOU be neat and clean, too!), and a duplicate receipt book. Get the money up front! A reasonable profit on something of this nature is double what you pay. (Example: Buy for $6.00; sell for $12.00)

    Cover a wide range of homes, keeping track of who was not at home, allowing you to go back the following day or weekend. When the flags come in... deliver them immediately, and have your customer sign your copy of the receipt indicating "received, xx/xx/2000, John Q. Smith" and keep your copy. Zap! You're an entrepreneur!

    Another quick, easy money maker... and you can do this one at any time of the year (except in the snow). Again, go door to door, offering to paint the street number on the curb in front of individual houses. At the local hardware store, get a set of 4" high stencils and cans of the best black (white?) paint available (ask the salesperson). For $3.00 or so, you will paint the number in front where everyone can plainly see it. When they say "yes," you can paint it immediately and then head for the bank. Do a good, neat professional job.

    Do both of the above for someone and your pockets will not only be full, but the people for whom you worked will have a "Welcome!" attitude toward you for future ventures.

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    Making crafts and selling them at a flea market, in your school, or at garage sales. Go to your local hobbie store. You can find the materials to make beautiful earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. You could also make candles, Chistmas ornaments, and collector dolls!

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    Too young to work for minimum wage. Hmmmm, that would seem to answer your own question. Too young to work then, and still dependent on your parents for another two years for any spending money. Boy that sucks! Get over it! That is how it is.

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    You can work at a animal shelter taking dogs 4 walks and feeding them taking them bath its really fun

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