is it advisable to bring Euros when in transit in Schiphol?

I am travelling alone at the end of this month and I'ts my first time to transit in Schiphol. Is it advisable to bring with me some Euros? if I have some US$,are there places inside the airport I could have my money changed into Euros.(considering I am not wanting to use my credit card).?

I also have a 9-hour layover,should I rent a room at the Mercure hotel or is it safe for a 23-year old woman to sleep on the public chairs in Airport? I will be travelling with KLM but will they let me use their lounge or do I have to have special privileges to do that. ?

Thank you..


thanks for the advices,both are helpful...

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    To be honest I would use the credit card (I know you say you don't want to), to avoid getting loads of coins back in change for Euro's and having to change them all back again

    There are several branches of ABN Amro dotted around Schiphol where you can change money though if you don't want to use your credit card (and when I was looking for the link then it seems there are also GWK branches as well now)

    Personally I wouldn't bother renting a room (unless you have difficulty sleeping in an airport, although admittedly I have never slept at Schiphol as I only live 15-20 mins away) There are lots of chairs around and also some easy chairs which are really nice (!).... but as PositiveMindAttitude rightly says.... these go like hotcakes so you can't be sure to get one Schiphol is a busy but safe airport (I've never had any problems and have flown loads of times as it is my local airport). There are always staff walking about and keeping an eye out. The only thing of course is if you sleep to secure your luggage (or place it in a locker)

    Concerning the lounge, you are only able to use this if you are flying 1st/Business class or you are a gold card "Flying Blue" (card which you collect points for flights within the Air France/KLM network.), so I'm not sure if you are either of these. Otherwise they will politely refuse you (sorry)

    Anyway have a lovely trip!

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    You can bring some Euros but Schiphol Airport has shops that accept US $ plus there is also a bank in the transit hall. Depending on the time you will be arriving, as the bank may be closed if you are arriving late in the day. Keep in mind that, i am not sure about this, but you could lose some money while paying in US $ and receiving your balance in Euros. The quote of the US $ is low so..their exchange rate may not be that great, the airport being .. .the airport!

    It is quite safe to sleep at the airport. Lots of travellers do but the Mercure may probably be more comfortable.

    To use the KLM lounge you have to travel Business class or 1st class (I can't remember if they still fly a 1st class cabin)- depending on where you are coming from -. I am afraid there are no special privileges for economy class passengers.

    You can easily spend a nice time there because this airport is one of the best equipped with shops, a casino, bars, fast food restaurants, snacks & drinks stations, etc... YOu can also admire planes taking off and landing. that is... if you are not too tired or fed up with travelling - .

    Try to find some place upstairs - kind of mezzanine - where they have more comfortable chairs as e.g. lounge-chairs. Small offer but lots of takers so............hurry UP :-))

    Have a nice trip!

    Hope this helps.

    Source(s): family worked for KLM, lots of friends still working there.
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