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Based on performance, who would be your top 10 ranked mens players?

This is just my opinion, based on performance.

1. Nadal

2. Federer

3. Djokovic

4. Murray

5. Ferrer

6. Davydenko

7. Roddick

8. Blake

9. Wawrinka

10. Nalbandian

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    Mine is very close to the current ATP Race rankings which ranks players based on points accumulated this year.

    1. Nadal- With two slams and titles (including Masters) on all surfaces he is without question the best player this year.

    2. Djokovic- The first half of the year belonged to Djokovic. He's the only player on tour besides Nadal to win a Masters title on clay, the only player besides Nadal to win a grand slam, and the only player besides Nadal to hold more than one major title this year. I think that puts him right up there beside Nadal.

    3. Federer- There is no way to justify Federer as the #2 player this year. He is 0-3 in grandslams, 0-9 in all major tournaments, and 0-5 at all hardcourt events. Consistency counts for something but it definitely doesn't count more than victory.

    4. Davydenko- Could easily be the 3rd best player this year because he's the only one besides Djokovic and Nadal to win a Masters title this season but his performance at the slams was not very good this year.

    5. Andy Murray- A quarterfinal finish at a slam and a semi finish at a Masters event is a nice improvement for him. Besides that he's been more consistent than most other players in the top 10 this year.

    6. David Ferrer- He's been one of the steadiest players this year but no big wins to date. He is the only player besides Federer and Nadal to win a title on both clay and grass.

    7. Andy Roddick- Not having the best year but he's had some big wins. He's the only one in the top 10 to beat Nadal, Djokovic, and Federer this year.

    8. James Blake- Steady but not spectacular

    9. Stanislas Wawrinka- See above

    10. Gilles Simon- He's had much better wins this year than Nicolas Almagro who is currently ranked ahead of him at # 10 in the ATP race.

    The race points alone doesn't take into account the quality of wins. For example player A winning Indian Wells beating Nadal, Djokovic, and Federer while player B wins Miami beating Llodra, Davydenko, and Tursunov. Their point total would be the same but clearly player A is having the better year.

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    Well i totally agree on number one, Rafa all the way... but i think that there are some players who deserve a top ten ranking this year who are stuck right outside of the ranking class.

    Here's my top ten:

    1. Nadal

    2. Federer (although i really don't like him...he is second best)

    3. Djokovic (only because of his major win @ AO)

    4. Murray

    5. Verdasco (the guys has been the most consistant on tour)

    6. Wawrinka (swiss number 2 ready to take it to number 1?)

    7. Davydenko (he's been fairly inconsistent)

    8. Almagro (won 4 titles i believe?)

    9. Cilic (will soon be top twenty)

    10. Gulbis (quarters of the French & only going up)

    Honorable Mentions:

    11. Simon (beat Federer)

    12. Ferrer

    13. Blake (does his best but not really enough)

    14. Kiefer (won some big matches)

    15. Gasquet (finally showing some form during the summer)

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    Well if you're going to base it on performance, then why not use the points race standings, b/c that's based on this years performance. This is the top 10 based on the points race for this year.

    1. Nadal

    2. Federer

    3. Djokovic

    4. Davydenko

    5. Ferrer

    6. Murray

    7. Blake

    8. Roddick

    9. Wawrinka

    10. Almagro

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    1. Federer - are you kidding? Do you know how many records he broke? set? and matched? WAY more than all the other men on this list.

    2. Nadal.

    3. Ferrer

    4. Wawrinka

    5. Murray, though I hate to admit it

    6. Djoko - low bec we must see how he is recover after this

    6. Blake

    7. Roddick

    8. Nalbandian (should be higher)

    9. Davydenko


    I would put Andreev on this list and the other missing is

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    It's hard to rank them for the year, because I know Federer was sick at the start but if I had to choose from just recentley (mainly Wimbledon) these are my choices:

    1 - 2. Federer

    1 - 2. Nadal

    3. Safin

    4. Murray

    5. Djokovic

    6. Davydenko

    7. Roddick

    8. Ferrer

    9. Blake

    10. Wawrinka - he's improved...

    - It was harder than I expected to pick them all..

    I picked Federer as number one because he played better throughout the tournament. It was an equal final between them, but before that Federer didn't drop a set.

    I think Nadal has been playing better overall this year, but it's tough to pick because the hard court season has only just started... and the grass court season can hardly be counted as a 'season'. It has mainly all been clay so far, apart from of course the Australian Open - which Federer was sick anyway then.

    Anyway yea, those are my picks =]

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    1) Nadal

    2) Federer

    3) Djokovic

    4) Roddick (injuries, and Wimbledon choke aside, he's had a great year).

    5) Davydenko

    6) Ferrer

    7) Doesn't matter

    8) I wish Safin would make it back

    9) James Blake, though I love him, is highly overrated and always has been

    10) What ever happened to Lleyton Hewitt?

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    Where is all the Djokovic craze coming from!

    The guy's a choker.

    He gets one lucky grand slam and everyone thinks he's the bees knees.

    I want to see a bit more of him before I put him up that high.

    I think I'd probably slip in Tommy Haas on to that list.

    He makes most quarter finals.

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    this year right?

    Federer fan but based on your question:

    1. Nadal

    2. Federer (if he won Wimbledon, I'd give it to him(sigh)

    3. Djokovic

    4. Murray

    5. Davydenko

    6. Ferrer

    7. Nalbandian

    8. Rodick

    9. Blake

    10. Wawrinka

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    1. nadal

    2. federer

    3. murray

    4. djokovic

    5. Schuettler (he made it all the way to Wimbledon semis)

    6. Clement (played well in Wimbledon)

    7. Roddick

    8. Wawrinka

    9. Safin (this man made an incredible run in Wimbledon)

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    James Blake





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