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For all who watch WWE!!!?

do you think that wwe is really a good entertainment?

if so why?

what makes you feel so?

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    Yes wwe is the best entertainment....

    Bcoz Thousands of ppl watching all over the arena...million and zillion at watching at home...

    The Longest Reigning show in Sports entertainment(RAW)

    Years Of experience...!

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    it entertains me because all of the superstars and.. divas i suppose. i like matches where tables and other foreign objects are used and future hall of fame superstars. i dont wanna see people who can't even buy a victory it is a waste of my time. but the point is wwe is cool to watch and very entertaining

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    Yes. Because it Entertains Me..

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    Not really. WWE isn't what it used to be. It's improving storylinewise, but the wrestling SUCKS. ECW is a disgrace to what Paul Heyman worked hard for. The last RAW was the worst in ages. SD! is good, but is still the "B" show.

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    yes..whenever i'm tired from a long day of classes i just go home, fix a bag of popcorn and catch up on raw or sd.. it may sound immature for others if you watch scripted violence, but to me it's pure fun.. and to me that's what you should really consider as entertainment..

    i mean, take jeff hardy for instance, doing swantons off high stuff, crashing and burning his body just to electrify a stadium.. wouldn't YOU call that pure entertainment?

  • Like Batista's Dad said get rid of Botchtista & Triple Hemriods,and the WWE will be even more entertianing.

  • There are many reasons, sorry i cant name them all

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    i do not know like i will not want to watch it but somehow i will watch i can't stop watching it

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    if they get rid of my son the world would be a better place

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