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gamertag help?

i can not think of a gamertag at gamertag right now is Dirty da Vinci, yeah i know its cool...but i googled it and there was a ton of things for dirty da vinci that came up so i want a gamer tag that NO one has at all or never even heard of you know?...i dont like the xX in the names, but how ever i do like clan problem...i dont have a cool clan...haha...someone wanna come up with a cheezy clan tag that looks cool like NxC or something like that haha...anyways, i dont know what my gamer tag should i was hoping maybe someone could help me out if i gave them some ideas...Names Matt, im 15, my fav game would have to be BF:Bad company...i love that game....i play rugby, i weightlift,.i like movies like starwars...i like fighting?...haha im out of ideas..i really suck at this...just if ANYONE could come up with SOMETHING i would appreciate doesnt have to be the best but as long as itsounds cool i'll use it...thanks

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    Starwars: teH_sA9a_B3gINZ

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    Personally, my gamertag is a mix of a song name and a songs lyrics. Also, for online games I always use my favorite song lyrics. I am not sure however about your clan tag. Try something that somehow connects to your gamertag, subtlety or not.

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    Try some cool mythical names like Pegasus, minotour, hydra, hercules, stuff like that or try making a clan which is called something like Lock 'N' Load (then your weapon of choice depending on each member) Hope i helped

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    Since you like BFBC I would have to say: destructablerug

    The environment in BFBC is destructable, and you like rugby. Well, that's all I can think of. Have fun...


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    type in any word..any english word that you want, and it will translate it if it has a meaning in the language you choose..i chose latin...Hell Raiser means Abyssus Erigo...thats my gamertag...(it's actually AbyssusERIGO) i like bro's means bringer of death (FeroMORTIS) would you have ever of thought of that? didn't think

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    Bc Prodigy? idk

    Bad company Prodigy :D

    If you dont know what a prodigy is, google it..

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