does the amount of pain from losing female virginity depend on the size of the hymen?

or are the other factors as well?

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    Pain during coitus for the female depends on the hyman being intact or not, as well as the length/girth and shape of the penis, the depth of the vaginal canal, as well as your position/s during sex, aggressivness of the male sex partner, any pre-existing STD's, orthopedic or internal organ issues you may have, the types of sex toys you may be using and how, as well as enough veginal lubrication, to name a few factors, lol.

    Some women have hymens that do not break but still cause pain during intercourse. A simple remedy is to consult with your physician for an in-office procedure to remove it. Most women have vaginal depths of 5-7" and most men have the same length penises, but if there is a mismatch and the woman is say, 6" depth and the man is 8" length, there will be extreme pain and probably injury if the male thrusts too hard (which is impossible to avoid, no matter what they try to tell you), especially during his climax. Injuries are usually cervical rupture dueto length/depth mis-match, and vaginal tearing at the opening of the vagina if the penis is too thick.

    Most male penises are 4" around, most women find anything over 6" girth challenging and 7" will cause injury/ tearing to most women. Injury and tearing are medically significant for much higher risk of contracting STD's, including HIV from a usually asymptomatic male sex partner (not showing any signs of infection/illness). Take home message: make sure you know your size and your partner size to avoid injury and pain during sex, and exchange fresh lab papers showing results of the top 4 STD's, being HIV, Gonhorrea, Chlamydia and +/- Syphylis or Herpes.

    Sometimes the shape of the vaginal canal is unusual or a problem, such as uterine prolapses or angle of the canal versus the bend of the penis shaft, this is fairly common cause of intercourse pain for the woman. You may want to have you and your partner have a consult with your OB-GYN to rule out anatomical or medical issues.

    If you have further questions, please post and keep open for 7 days and I'll probably come across it in good time.

    Hope this helps, be educated, be safe - and have fun!

    Dr. Devi

    Source(s): Licensed California Pharmacist - 16+ years Holistic Clinical Practice
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    allot of girls have already broken the thin bit of skin called the hymen from doing everyday activities, so that is not often the case, it can also hurt if their is not enough lubricant (wetness) or if the girl is tense. Some girls have no pain at all so it is just luck of the draw but the best thing is to go slow, relax and use a condom :) After your first time you will wonder what you where worried about! Its not that bad :)

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    Alot of women say that it does depend on how big it is...but in reality it is going to feel the same no matter what size it is....

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    It has a lot more to do with being tense and nervous and not having enough lube. Relax! Lube up! and it shouldnt be too bad at all!

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    I don't think so...some women feel nothing and others have some pain. Tampons, exercise...anything can affect that...

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