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were can i get a ??

were can i get a sunglass display case. like one thats made by Spy optic or electric sunglasses i see them all the time in skate shops and i want on there pretty big. i've asked the people working and they don't know and ive emailed the brand asking and they don't write back

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    my mom worked at an outlet mall and got one for my dad one of the spy optic ones just go to ur local mall and either talk to the ppl that work at these stores or to the maintence ppl and tell them if u ever decide to get rid of one to give u a call or just check in from time to time and tell them is it ok if i come in from time to time to see if ur getting rid of them cause when they do they dont send em back they dismantil em and throw em away so if u run into someone cool they'll help u out when they do...

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