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Im gettign 6 rabbits need help!?

ok i no this sounds weird but ive already got 1 male rabbit (not desexed) and im geting another 5.... i jst wanted a few tips like about how i should manage them and stuff (including my own male one) i jst want to know how to make rabbit cages... and jst some tips on the breeding im getting 3 females and 2 males adds up 2 3 males and 3 females.....jst any tips would be great! thankx!!!

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    I am not an expert however I have one female rabbit as a pet. I also have a book on rabbits....the book says that rabbits are territorial so that you might need to get six separate rabbit cages until they get to know each other well. If you want the males to mate with the females, let them choose each other first, then put them together in their cages. Make it like, the love! After they get to know each other well you can buy a bigger cage (2) and let them run around and play with each other. At first they might fight, and growl at each other to establish alpha male and female....they are actually very violent to each other at first! You might need to separate them and introduce them in a neutral room. As long as it is not a room that "belongs" to one it is okay. Good sign...the rabbits ignore each other. Bad sign....they run to each other and growl. Fight time! Beware.....If they are courting each other they will circle around each other's feet. This is from the book too.....Rabbits are affectionate animals! They like to sleep next to each other and be petted by their owners. They are also vocal and expressive...and while you will never hear a peep out of them they will express to you their moods, and their wants! They are outgoing so pay attention to their body language and when they run to their food bin it means they are expecting food. Always make sure there is enough water for them. THey need to drink every 24 hours at the least. Rabbit food from the pet store is best because it is fortefied with nurtients as well. Only vegetables like carrots, brocoley and leafy green salads are good. Never feed them tomatoes or onions, or garlic. Read up on Rabbit diets on the internet.

    Some live for 12 years so good luck! Remember Rabbits are Lagomorphs and not rodents. Treat them with respect and they will respect you in return. Keep a liter box in each cage and read up on how to train them to use it. Its a little difficult but worth it. Change their cages every day or every other day at the most. That's all for now. I hope this helped.

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    I wouldn't advise you do it AT ALL.

    It's a recipe for disaster, having that many rabbits AND breeding them.

    You'd need one cage per female, one cage per male- since they're not fixed, they'll all be aggressive and territoral- and then one cage per each gender per litter. And then at least one more cage for sick rabbits.

    You'll need equipment to keep warm and feed potentially abandoned kits, including suitable milk, bedding, even a heat lamp.

    And you'd need to find homes before you even think of breeding, bearing in mind a female rabbit can have upwards of eight babies.

    You'd also need a huge amount of money for potential vet bills- you will need to take them to a vet at least once per rabbit in a year, for basic things like teeth trimming, check ups- female rabbits are 80% more likely to get cancer if unspayed- and maybe even emergancy c-sections.

    So it's not advisable, nor is it needed- it's not like rabbits are exactly hard to find or endangered, but breeding them is hard and stressful on the rabbits.

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