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What dog is best for what peoples???

Hello friends i am to ask a question about suitability of dog to person varying by ethnic, career and marital aspirations?

What dog is correct for Indian male age 23 who live single a student in US but not yet married and study biochemical engineering?

I have met with german shepherds but they dislike me, my US friend say maybe because I look jewish???? chihuahua are too small and demanding and make me feel like a woman but many larger dogs do not show to me the respect that beast should show man by natural law! flabbergasting i know, especially for the marriage minded male!

What dog style would you recommend? my blood type is A positive and I am about 170cm and 65kilograms?

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    Very specific...

    You might want to try a Jack Russell Terrier. They aren't as small as Chihuahuas, easy to train, and, yes, not very feminine. I think that would be the perfect match.

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    since your blood type is A postive I think a black lab would be a good fit for you

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    it really has a lot to due with your lifestyle, if you have a active one then an active is for you. an so one

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