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I just want to know.. what is the best and fastest downloader..?

i use broadband connection with 100mbps...i also want to know.. what is the best torrent.. either bittorent or u torrent..

i have used DAM,IDM and orbit but the result is still same..

= 5 hours to download 50MB file...it is too much

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    if you are speasking about only torrent than i will advise you using utorrent it is better and lighter for other downloads use dap and if you want both by one than use free download manager but i will advise you to using dap and utorrent you can get complete detail of using utorrent at


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    Utorrent, yet its no longer in basic terms the torrent you may locate regardless of your finding for with greater seeds that outweigh the leeches, greater seeds the greater suited, you additionally can edit your portting enter, flow locate some tutorials on the thank you to try this if your nonetheless having problem. playstation once you finished downloading seed too its rude once you do no longer

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    Between uTorrent and BitTorrent, uTorrent is the easy choice. BitTorrent is just a copy of uTorrent with the addition of DNA, which does nothing for the average user (except possibly cause issues).


    You should be getting much better speeds than what you indicate. A bittorrent client needs to be cleared through your software firewall/router and its internal settings need to be adjusted based upon you up load speed capacity. See here for a quick guide to proper setup of uTorrent


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    it doesn`t matter how fast urs is,its whatever the person has who u r downloading it from,theres no way 2 speed it up more,its all about file sharing

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    No way to speed it up same

  • 1 decade ago

    it doesnt matter about downloaders, its all about your internet speed

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