will I have to pay a co-pay everytime I go in for a non-stress test?

I have Blue Cross of MA the PPO Plan and I recently had to start paying a co-pay for each normal visit to the OB at about 26 weeks. I'm high risk and my doc wants me to start coming in twice weekly for non-stress tests. Does anyone know from experience if they will have me pay a co-pay for every one of those visits as well? That would be a bit much because the week after next I will have three doctors visits (2 NST and 1 regular visit) that week alone. Besides the cost of gas I'm not looking forward to that. Thanks for your answers.

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    I had Blue Cross of CA PPO with my first pregnancy. I was high risk after 26 weeks as well and saw the doctor often. Everytime I payed a co-pay. If you aren't seeing the doctor during the non-stress test, there may be a lower fee for seeing the medical asst./nurse. You may want to talk to the reception desk, or billing office in regards to it. I saw the nurse for blood work (before my 2nd pregnancy) and only payed $10.

    I'm onto my second pregnancy and spent $70 in co-pays last week, $35 this week and will have a hospital bill from last week because of early contractions. I will be seeing the doctor every week now. I also see a perinatalogist as well, so I pay the same co-pay, just see him less often, but sometimes his appts. fall the day after my ob's. It kind of sucks to shell out $35 a week to pee in a cup, get weighed, have my blood pressure checked and then get no more than 10 mins. of the doctor saying Hi how you feeling? keep up the good work- see you next week. But, what if one of those times something was wrong? So in the end it's worth it to get to a healthy baby.

    Best thing to do- check with the nurse or billing person- I actually feel like I didn't pay a co-pay for NST's with the first baby- but it's been 21 months and I'm suffering from major prego brain. You can also call Blue Cross and see what they have to say.

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    You should call Blue Cross of MA - I am pregnant in MA - high risk, working with the maternal fetal unit at Brigham & Women's Hospital and have not had ANY co-pays during pregnancy . . . but my policy is the HMO not PPO version.

    When I found out I was pregnant, I called BC and they enrolled me in their "Healthy Babies" program, sent me a lot of info in the mail including a reimbursement form for any childcare classes and went through what I would need to pay . . . just $250 at delivery.

    Prior to becoming pregnant, we went through fertility treatment - for that, I only paid when we met with the doctor or nurse practioner. Any appointments for tests, ultrasounds or blood work did not have a co-pay. Hopefully it will be the same for your non-stress tests!

    Best wishes for a happy & healthy pregnancy!

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