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How to talk to girls..?

Whenever I talk to an attractive girl, i get nervous and become silent. I cannot look at her face without becoming embarrassed...

I need to know what to talk about/and how to ask them out.


appreciate the help

what are things to impress them?

I need to see the differences between boasting and "cool".

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    Just be yourself. Quit worrying so much. The more you talk to girls the better you will be. Just don't lie to them to impress them. It will come back to haunt you. Look them in the eye's and say hello, or hi, if she looks you back or smiles at ou than just talk. Ask her her name, tell her yours and so on. Tell her your embarrassed if she's a good one she will make it easier for you. Good luck

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    I am an attractive girl,and hate when men act weird around me i like when men are upfront and say "i think your the most magnificent person i have ever laid eyes upon and i want you to be my girl"now if a guy were to say that,i wouldnt care about anything else ,situatians,problems everything would be over shadowed by a guy that i would love

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    Lmao, i get told that so much, so ill tell you what i like.

    Guys that cant keep a decent conversation bore me, but

    i love it when they mess with their hair a little and look

    scared to talk to me, i always comfort them. there are girls

    that just dont give a care and leave you and girls that

    play hard to get so ill warn you there.

    Just say "Hi whats up, your pretty" and get out of sight. that

    makes us wonder who you are and make us want to chase you.

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    no need to be nervous around a pretty girl...they're humans to with imperfections...just go up to one and talk..sometimes you'll be surprised by what you get

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