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How can the world win the war on neoconservatism?


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    Recognizing Neoconservatism wherever it manifests itself is the first step. Like Ralph Nader said, they've all turned Neocon. You have to know the enemy before you can defeat it.

    "The Democratic Party successfully exploited the political vulnerabilities of a population subjected to decades of right-wing propaganda, media disinformation and the absence of any genuine opposition to political reaction within either of the two parties.

    In this cynical and reactionary operation, it was rendered indispensable assistance by the milieu of middle-class protest groups, ex-radicals and left liberals who single-mindedly worked to channel the antiwar movement behind the Democratic Party, insisting that no struggle against the war was permissible or legitimate outside the orbit of the two-party system.

    Outfits such as United for Peace and Justice and the Nation magazine opposed any struggle that sought to mobilize mass antiwar sentiment independently of the capitalist parties and link it to a socialist program to unite the working class against attacks on social conditions and democratic rights. By virtue of their boundless political ignorance and opportunism, they undermined the very movement they purported to lead.

    Now, many of these “left” groups are wringing their hands and expressing dismay over the Democratic candidate’s war-mongering statements. Katrina Vanden Heuvel, the editor of the Nation writes, “it is troubling that as he shows sound thinking on Iraq, Obama also continues to talk about escalating the US military presence in Afghanistan.” She pleads with the Democratic candidate to “think long and hard” about “extricating the US from one disastrous war and heading into another.”

    This statement combines self-delusion with deceit and outright reaction. As Obama himself has insisted, he has been calling for military escalation in Afghanistan for more than a year. Moreover, commending Obama’s policy in Iraq as “sound” constitutes support for an ongoing US military presence and the permanent reduction of the country to the status of a US protectorate.

    Such appeals to the Democratic candidate only serve to encourage illusions that he can be shifted by pressure from below to adopt a less militaristic course, and that the Democratic Party or a section of it can serve as a vehicle for peace.

    Hostile to Marxism, these elements are incapable of making a class analysis of the Democratic Party, one of the oldest capitalist parties in the world.

    It is necessary to draw the lessons of these critical experiences. The Democratic Party has long been the burial ground of movements of popular protest and opposition, from the Populist movement of the 1890s, to the industrial union movement of the 1930s, to the civil rights and antiwar movements of the 1960s.

    The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will be ended, and future wars prevented, only through a decisive and irreparable break with the Democratic Party and the independent mobilization of the American and international working class in a struggle against war and the capitalist system that is its root cause."


    American Imperialism didn't start when Bush became President and will not end because he's out of office

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    I've been a classic liberal, aka conservative in the USA, for many decades.

    I read a lot but I still have no idea what a "neoconservative" is.

    What would I have to do to change from a "con" to be a "neocon"?

    The only place I find the word "neocon" used is in socialist websites and other socialist writings.

    If the socialists hate all cons and all neocons, we can't be all bad.

    Who is the leader of this "world war" against neocons and just exactly what threat do neocons make to the world to justify the war of the world against them?

    My Q to you. Are you a socialist?

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    Bring it on, Saudi Dude.

    If you and your ilk learned some tolerance, there'd be no problems.

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    why would ya? everyone knows that socialism doesn't work (for long),,..

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