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please every american i wanna advice?

please iam an egyptian guy and i wanna live at usa

but i dont know what do you treat egyptians there

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    i live in america, be3amlouna zay el atran..........5alik 3andena ya 3am, dana nafsi 3ayz arga3

  • Noor M
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    First of all, I do not think every American is the same. They do not all target Egyptians or Arabs as being bad. You will find good and bad Americans everywhere you go.

    The best places to be are where things are the most cosmopolitan. People are more accepting and aware in big cities, college towns and have less time to waste on being prejudiced. The more you try to assimilate the easier your life will be the less you will stand out. I am not recommending that you become like an American, but learn and observe the way they do things here.

    I do think you will have a bit of a culture shock initially. For eg. The traffic is regulated, there is less pollution on the streets, laws are enforced locally, people do things on time and schedule, things are not as family oriented as they are in Egypt, people are more selfish here compared to eastern countries etc... You will always find the exceptions but majority of the time these things are a given. But, like everything thing in life you will learn and adapt.

    I have come across Egyptians in the US and I have nothing against any of them. But then again, I understand the culture they come from and have been to Egypt a few times to know where they are coming from...

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    Ashley, The most racists americans that I come across are black. I know that there is racism in this country but it's not anything like it was when I was a kid. I'm a white American and I can tell you honestly that I don't go through everyday life trying to think up ways to make someone else miserable and none of my friends do either. Frankly, I don't care what color you are. I care more about getting some rain down here than what color my neighbors are. Some people need racism to be around so they use it to blame someone else for them being a loser. By the way, if Obama wins, it won't be because of the black vote. It'll because of the white vote. I hope he wins so it will shut alot of people up. There won't be any excuses anymore. But I'm sure if Obama wins and does things that blacks don't approve of, the racists will call him an "Uncle Tom".

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    Your being Egyptian shouldnt make you a target, Americans have always been interested in Egypt lol.. we even teach about the pyramids, mummys etc.. ancient Egypt in our schools and I'm from a small area out West in Northern California no one I've met has treated any of my middle eastern friends in a bad way.

    I live in Texas now and there are a lot of Muslims here in the Dallas area I live in Irving its not a big city but we have a lot of Muslims from all over the world and a good community

    There are good People all over the USA but if you're worried you can always move near Michigan, but I dont think its necessary since Arizona, California, etc all have high concentrations of Muslims

    Several of my friends have married Egyptian men and are living here in the States without anyone harassing them don't worry, you'll be fine insha'Allah.

    look at this link see no problem with masjids and communities here:

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    I'm half Egyptian living in USA an my dads 100% they treat me pretty they can tell im egyptian the way i dress.they treat me nicely an my dad they treat him very nice to 7amdulilah. but it all depends were you live

    from what i know alot of arabs live in michigan so if you live there it would be like a big family ..but it all depends people are diffrent ya3ni

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    That depends on where you move to. America is one nation, technically, but every region of the country has a different character, different attitudes. You'd probably do best moving to an urban area on one of the coasts. Stay out of the middle of the country, or any part of the south-east.

    Check the link, they may be able to help.

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    They treat you better in different cities......some cities in the south will be so bad...and some cities in the west and northwest will be so nice....

    Also consider what is your preferences...if you want to be able to go to mosque you will need larger city like Chicago, New York, Seattle, etc... or if you are christian, you will find churches anyplace. Also if you are Muslim you will want halal meat? you will need to live near a city that has plenty of this available....

    Personaly I recomend someplace like Seattle, WA...or Chicago. These areas will have more people who are friendly with any culture and more things available for Muslims and more jobs also. Seattle also has better government policy than most cities in usa.

    best wishes

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    well it depends on where you go that you'll find you'll feel more comfortable. Most are warm towards anyone. but at the same time not everyone is warm and fuzzy. there are harmars everywhere unfortantly. just say el 7mdo illah and continue insha'Allah. places like Dearborn Michigan is one of my favorite places to visit. there is an Arab town there and i love it soooo much. i feel @ home there. New York has a huge population of Arab town there too. i never been there but it would really be nice if i got to visit there insha'Allah. im sure there are more Arab towns in other places but i only know of those two. Allah ykhaleek ya akhoia

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    You have the good old boy situations here and there. Overall if you stay in a big city you should be ok.

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    pritty much like we treat everyone else

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