Spiders in my house?

I am seeing about 3 spiders a day in my house. My house is not brand new but not too old not cluttered and no bushes around outside. These spiders are about the size of a nickel and brown with skinny legs. What could be causing so many of this kind to be in my house and what do I do to get rid of them?

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    There are spiders in your house because there are flies or any other insects. Spiders will only come in if they know there is poetential food.

    Therefore, the only way to get rid of the spiders is to get rid of the other insects...

    How to discourage spiders in your home:

    Spiders love dirty rooms:

    If you leave clothes lying around or objects on the floor, it gives spiders a place to hide and more courage to migrate from one place to another in your home.

    Spiders get in windowsills and doorsills:

    so make sure the layers of windows are intact and sealed correctly. Doors are a good place to put a barrier treatment.

    Vacuum the area where you have found spiders:

    Make sure you get their egg sacs as well. The egg sacs look a lot like little cocoons, but they're usually fixed to a surface with a thick layer of webbing.

    Spiders hang out by food. Spiders are attracted to food supplies because of other pests who make their homes there.

    Spiders love porch lights:

    They love porch lights because other bugs love porch lighting. So, keep your porch lights off as much as possible, draw your blinds, and try to find a way to light your porch that doesn't involve fixing a light to it.

    Hope that helped

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    Theres a million spiders with brown, skinny legs that are the size of a nickel.

    It might just be the time when spiders are out alot. Throw them outside or squish them. If you deal with them as you see them they are'nt as anoing.

    Try taking a pic of one at a good angle and asking online with a pic to find out what they are.....

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    Put some horse chestnuts, (conkers) on your window sills, spiders hate them for some reason and they will stop coming in your house. It's the wrong time of year right now for conkers, but you can buy chestnut essential oil and put a few drops by the window sills, it will do the same trick.

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    No, i do not imagine it is in the Bible. And convinced, maximum in all probability domicile-spiders did exist earlier houses did. They were probably one of those spider that loved living in little cracks and corners in nicely-lit caves... and steadily adapted to examine the situations interior houses.

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    Uh it depends on the sunlight if its shiny outside thats the problem. dont go near those cuz if they bite u, ur skin will open up and turn to a dark color. well if they have really skinny legs and are kinda tall then dont worry about it.

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    the spiders just want to chill but the best stuff to get is called bangal it works for any kind of bug. you can only find it at a hardware store

  • dont kill them or they will come a lots there will help u if u have

    a moquitos

  • 1 decade ago

    no dont kill them they eat moquitos

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