Anyone interested in ganging together to get a bill passed that will stop prerecorded telemarketing calls?

You know the ones - there is no one there when you try to tell them to stop calling - YOU have to CALL them back, often requiring a long-distance call in order to get taken off their list! This has nothing to do with free speech - a recording doesn't have the right to free speech - it has to do with harrassment and invasion of privacy.


I forgot to note that I am in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. I am going to call John McCain's office here in town - not his election office, his senator's office and throw a tantrum - anybody else

Update 2:

I forgot to note that I am in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. I am going to call John McCain's office here in town - not his election office, his senator's office and throw a tantrum - anybody else interested in doing something here or in your own city?

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    I registered with and they still call. I report them and they just call from another number. I am sick of it. Then when they call, they don't say anything or they hang up. I dont' call them back but they always call when I am very busy, asleep or eating never fails. I wish the gov would do something. and now, they can call on your cell phones. they aren't even safe from them. It is harassment and invasion of privacy. GL with getting something done

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    We're on the Do Not Call list, but we still get prerecorded calls from the likes of "Heather" and her fellow drones. Why is this happening? It's terribly annoying. Luckily we came across this post by Herb Weisbaum, aka ConsumerMan at MSNBC, while we were researching another topic. He says you can now opt out of these calls -- and can do it quite simply. First of all, ConsumerMan says that if you're on the Do Not Call list, prerecorded telemarketing calls are legal only from companies with which you already have a business relationship. He defines that as: "If you bought or rented something from that company within the last 18 months, or simply inquired about a product or service within the last three months, you've established a business relationship." (Some companies ignore this rule or stretch it to the breaking point. We don't know of any business relationship we've had with the companies that keep calling. Maybe it's time to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.) How do you get them to stop? Simply hanging up won't do it. * As of last month, the company must give you a way to opt out, like pushing 1. Listen to the instructions at the end of the pitch. * EveryCall says a method to opt out must be provided whether the prerecorded call reaches a human ear or ends up as a message on your answering machine. * Starting Sept. 1, a company you have a business relationship with will need your agreement in writing or electronically to send you robo-calls. They'll probably come up with some crafty ways to trick you into that. Other things you should know: * Informational prerecorded calls from a company you have a business relationship with are allowed. ConsumerMan says that would include calls from an airline letting you know your flight has been delayed. * Political calls and calls from charities are exempt. However, if the charity hires an outfit that uses prerecorded calls, you can opt out from receiving them as well. * You can sign up for the Do Not Call list online or by calling (888) 382-1222 from the phone number you want to put on the list. That includes cell phones. There's about a month delay before the registration takes effect.

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    Yes. Will do the same. Another idea demolition of telemarketing places by citizens or army types after the bill is passed. Maybe use First Amendment to get rid of telemarketers. Not arbitrary search but there is no sentient reason involved so people can argue they can use it to stop such.

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    Don't know what country you are in, but I called BT in the UK and they put a block on my line so I don't get them anymore.

    I used to get about 3 a night and it used to drive me mad.

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    Telemarketers must be banned since it is a nuisance.

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    1 decade ago

    There already is a place where you can get these calls stopped....Telephone Preference Service (TPS)

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    This is already illegal in California.

    But that does not stop the people doing it.

  • Coasty
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    Yes, I told them to stop calling me. They told me it was my decision to call them. Bullshit.

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    I am totally with you!!! So obnoxious!

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