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? asked in 社會及文化語言 · 1 decade ago

Please help me to write a composition(寫about 30 字)急急急!!!

You need to read a story, then write what have you learnt from the story The Wolf and the Lamb.

The Wolf and the Lamb

Once there was awolf living in a forest. Feeling thirsty, he went down to a brook and came across a lamb drinking water downstream. The moment the wolf had spotted the unlucky lamb, he decided to make a meal of it .‘What a nice little lamb! Neither too fat nor too thin. Not too creamy and look rather yummy! I have to find an excuse for picking a quarrel, so that nobody can accuse me of gobbling it unjustly!’

Not knowing that she was in danger, the lamb was still sipping water happily. Suddenly, there was a roar from about its head. ‘You down there! Hoe dare you dirty my drinking water!’The lamb gasped in surprise:‘I'm sorry, Mr Wolf, but I can't be muddying your drinking water. I'm below you and the water is flowing downhill, not up!’

The wicked wolf did not expect this reply, but in a moment, he was able to find another excuse to be angry.‘I hear you went around six months ago telling people that I'm cruel and a bully!’

Now, the witty lamb was aware of the aim of the wolf. Instead of trembling, the lamb questioned the wolf, ‘Where did you get that? Who told you those words? I must talk to that person. How can you believe such a thing, Mr. Wolf? I've never said a bad word about you!’While talking, the lamb started to move away from the brook. It continued to say,‘Indeed,I could only spoke well of you. Plus, I wasn't even born six months ago! So I couldn't have spread gossip about you. Mr Wolf, let me talk to the person and you will know I have not...’

With the only interest to gobble up his prey, the wolf could not wait till the lamb finished,‘If it wasn't you, it was your father,’and the wolf pounced on the little white lamb. He quickly ate it.

What have you learnt from the story The Wolf and the Lamb? Write in about 30 words.


awolf= a wolf

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    The lessons I have learnt from the story are:-

    No matter how intelligent the lamb was to evade every excuse made by the wicked wolf to pick a quarrel, he was too unaware of the danger threatening him.

    No matter how calm the lamb could remain, he was too nave to believe that he could reason with the wolf to escape danger and did not think of any other alternatives. Actually, the wolf’s only intent was to gobble him up.

    2008-07-31 19:10:28 補充:


    nave -> naive

    he was too naive to believe

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