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? asked in 政治及管治政府 · 1 decade ago

急急急,郵寄地址只寫左post code冇寫區,會唔會寄失? (+20)

請各位幫幫我,我係網上面買左野,我係住澳洲Sydney架,對方寄野比我,但只係寫左post code,冇寫Sydney,咁樣會唔會寄失左架?我好擔心呀,對方係用USPS寄架,請話我知呀,小小心意+20分,THANKS ALOT


對方只係寫 AU,唔知post office知唔知係Australia呢?thanks

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  • Robert
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    1 decade ago
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    你知唔知對方有冇寫Australia呀?因為澳洲D人識睇邊個post code屬于邊度,若果有的話,就可以寄到,但倘若連Australia都冇寫咁就一定寄唔到。

  • 1 decade ago

    郵寄地址只寫左post code冇寫區,會唔會寄失?


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