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于2008/7/30下午3點20分異想世界節目中聽到的一首舞曲風格的音樂是女生唱的 英文的麻煩有聽到的聽友告訴歌名一下

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    2008-08-01 12:20:19 補充:

    My goodies, my goodies, my goodies

    Not my goodies

    [Petey Pablo]

    I got a sick reputation for handlin' broads

    All I need is me a few seconds or more

    And it's my rap

    Tell valet to bring my 'Lac

    And I ain't comin' back

    So you can put the car right there

    I'm the truth

    2008-08-01 12:20:46 補充:

    I ain't got nothin' to prove

    And you can ask anybody

    Cause they seen me do it

    Barracades, I run right through 'em

    I'm used to 'em

    Throw all the dirt you want, it's no use

    You still won't have a pinup in a fabulous room

    On her back, pickin' out baskets of fruit

    (I love you, boo)

    2008-08-01 12:21:26 補充:

    Yeah, Freaky Petey loves you too

    Ha, ha

    You know how I do


    You may look at me and think that

    I'm just a young girl

    But I'm not just a young girl

    2008-08-01 12:21:41 補充:

    But I'm not just a young girl

    Baby, this is what I'm lookin' for

    Sexy, independent, down-to-spend-it type that's gettin' his dough

    I'm not bein' too dramatic

    That's the way I gotta have it


    I bet you want the goodies

    Bet you thought about it

    Got you all hot and bothered

    2008-08-01 12:22:21 補充:

    Mad cause I talk about it

    If you're lookin' for the goodies

    Keep on lookin', cause they stay in the jar

    Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, yeah

    Just because you drive a Benz

    I'm not goin' home with you

    You won't get no nookie or the cookies

    2008-08-01 12:22:37 補充:

    I'm no rookie

    And still I'm sexy, independent

    I ain't wit' it, so you already know

    I'm not bein' too dramatic

    That's the way I gotta have it

    You think you're slick

    Tryn'a hit

    But I'm not dumb

    I'm not bein' too dramatic

    It's just how I gotta have it

    2008-08-01 12:22:51 補充:


    [Petey Pablo]

    So damn hot, but so young

    Still got milk on ya tongue

    Slow down lil' one

    And you ain't got it all

    Hey shorty

    You think you bad, but you ain't bad

    I'll show you what bad is

    Bad is when you're capable of beatin' the baddest

    2008-08-01 12:23:04 補充:

    been workin' at it since I came to this planet

    And I ain't quite there yet, but I'm gettin' better at it

    Matter of fact

    Lemme tell it to you one mo' 'gain

    All I got to do is tell a girl who I am (Petey)

    Ain't ne'er chick in here that I can't have

    Bada boom bada bam da bam

    2008-08-01 12:23:18 補充:

    You're insinuating that I'm hot

    But these goodies boy, are not

    Just for any of the many men that's tryn'a get on top

    No, you can't call me later

    And I don't want your number

    I'm not changin' stories

    Just respect the play I'm callin'

    [chorus 2x]

    Uh, yeah, uh, yeah, uh, uh, uh

    2008-08-01 12:23:40 補充:


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