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"這場漫長的選戰, 終於告一段落, 由歐巴馬獲得了勝利, 但對歐巴馬來說這

卻是另一場戰鬥的開始,不論如何, 人們會永遠記住這場激烈的


幫幫忙 很急

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    This long fight towards presidency is now at a pause for the time being, and Obama is the winner of this stage. However, for him, this only indicates the start of another battle. No matter what the result will be, the keen competition among Democratic candidates will remain in people's memories forever.

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    This long election have finally come to a end. Barack Obama have wan the victoy, but to Barack Obama this is the beinning of another battel, however, people will always remember this intense of primaries election of the demenocratic party.

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