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the other day for lunch, i bought subways, then i went into the mcdonalds restaurant to eat it. your thoughts?

i bought subways for lunch the other day and instead of eating it inside subways restaurant, i drove to mcdonalds and went into their restaurant to eat it. there were people in there but noone said anything. what do you think they were thinking? do you think they were offended? do you think they thought i was trying to make a point?

what if i did the opposite? what if i bought mcdonalds and went into subways to eat? and the nasty smell of burgers got everywhere?

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    First off, that's hilarious. I think it was adventurous of you to do that. If people did think anything, who cares? Maybe they could take a hint (like Jared, haha). And we all know obesity is a growing epidemic. So why not? As far as Subway goes....something tells me you would probably get noticed a lot faster and maybe get asked to leave.

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    I work as a waitress in a restaurant and it is rude and ignorant. When people bring in DD coffee or whatever, we will tell them. We have a sign posted on each door when you enter. I don't take food from the restaurant and go to DD to eat it because I like their coffee. I would leave it in the car.

    You were rude. You should of stayed at Subway and ate it, ate it in your car, or waited for whatever reason you were in MD's.

    Now if I was the manager, I would of kicked your butt out. Hopefully you had a flat tire on your way home or to whereever. Karma baby karma....

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    they probably were confused because of the food

    its like a cat playing fetch and a dog playing with yarn and yeah they probably thought u were trying to make a point

    but who cares people r independent lol

    they can eat where ever they want- though it doesnt seem right

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    Why would anyone be offended?

    and why would you go to Subway, go to McDolands & eat there? It's not a cafeteria.

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    the employees of mc.donalds were probably idk throwned off b/c u r in their resturant nd u eatin food 4rm another place.that probably convinced ppl 2 go there more often.

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