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Girlfriend aint got period since she got pregnant?

ok im kinda worryed here since my g/f got pregant and all she isn't been havein her period do u think the baby is drinkn the blood?? she's 6 months pregnant.


I heard it's becasue she likes mudkips

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    women don't get their periods while there pregnant

    so yeah i would think shes ok and she might get some spotting but thats normal too

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    Listen man, before you have sex and especially get someone pregnant you really should know everything there is to know about each other's biology and if you're girlfriend hasn't told you this then she shouldn't be having sex either because she should at least know. Women simply don't have periods during pregnancy, the periods are there to allow pregnancy, a time when the woman is most fertile and the egg is released - its the basis of all contraceptives they fool the body into thinking its pregnant and so the periods stop, women take it as a sign their pregnant if they miss a period or a few after having unprotected sex, and 'ew' the baby is not drinking the blood - he's bathing in it - but its good you're concerned, congratulations on the baby.

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    Ladies do not need a interval when they are pregnant. If she will have to begin to bleed then there could be a problem and she wishes to peer a medical professional as quickly as viable. No, the baby isn't ingesting the blood. Don't worry. Quality of success to you.

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    When your pregnant, you don't get your period. See, to get your period, you release an egg to get fertalized, which causes the lining in your utrus to shed, so that's why we bleed because we are shedding a lining made out of blood. And when you're pregnant, the baby needs to lining in there to protect it. Make's sense right? And congrats on the baby!

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    im going to explain why us ladies get the crappy thing called periods.

    for a baby to grow inside of you it needs a lining. the lining in every girl is made out of blood cells. when a girl gets her period the blood cells flow out of her.

    if she is pregnant the lining will be in her till the baby is born. a girl can tell if shes not pregnant by getting her period.

    and you have alot to learn about girls, babies and parenting if you think the baby is drinknig the blood.

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    when you are pregnant you dont have your period until after the baby is born congrats though!

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    LOLOLOL. i honestly hope you're not serious about this.

    but just in case you are, let me give you a real answer sweets.

    when. you. are. pregnant. you. no. longer. have. your. period. and. no. the. baby. isn't. drinking. the. blood.


    congrats btw.

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    when a girls pregnant she dosnt get a period every one knows that

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    when your don't have your period.. very simple :) and congrats on the baby

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    women dont get their period when they are pregnant

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