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NSA and FBI?

how easy is it realistically to get into the FBI or NSA how can you makegetting in more likely?

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    Maintain peak physical condition and pursue a degree in some field useful to the FBI. Criminology, criminal psychology, forensics or some other field of study that relates to criminal investigation. Enter a police academy, work for a major police department and apply to the FBI.


    The NSA is actually more concerned with electronic communication then most law enforcement pursuits. It's not as related to the FBI as many people may believe. You could increase your chances of getting a job there with a degree in computer science, electronics, computer programming or some other field related to electronic communication or cryptology. Added: Foreign languages are a good field here as well.

    In both cases you would want a spotless criminal record and no affiliation with any organization that could be viewed as unpatriotic or anti American. Maintain a good credit rating and become politically active at least enough to know a congressman for a recommendation.

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    Even now the FBI loves to recruit college grads with degrees in accounting. It still happens that they can't get enough proof to convict a criminal of a particular crime, but they can get him for tax fraud or some such. So they always need accountants.

    The answer ^^^ up there has a lot of really good information.

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    your crazy!!

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