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When I try to delete a lot of programs I don't use on my computer in the ADD.REMOVE programs, half won't show?

I can't see half of the installed programs on there that I know I have. How can I see every program installed in the add/remove programs?

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    Add /Remove program was created to add or remove programs.

    The name of this program really explains itself quite clearly.

    It's just that sometimes being human as we are we don't pay attention to these little clues.

    This program offers the user to install a program through it so that it will appear in the list of installed programs. If you don't install through Add/Remove then it won't show in the installed list, unless the programmer that created the program wrote the software so the program be included in the Add/Remove installed list .

    If a program is not listed in the Add/Remove program you can still have it there if you wish by re-installing and using the

    "Add New Programs" found in the Add/Remove program

    All the programs that don't appear in the listing have to be re-installed using the Add New Programs , only then they will appear in the Add Remove Program list.

    Whenever you install a new program and want it in the Add/Remove list you need to do it via the Add New Programs in Add/Remove program

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    sometime the program that you install in your computer never show in ADD/REMOVE application because the program doesn't have any registry to your computer...i suggest you to use tune up utilities in order to delete some really good in delete ting program

  • Does it show only up to a certain letter or does it show all the way to the end but things are missing?

    What OS?

    Is there a blank spot at the bottom? If so keep scolling down.

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    If the ones you want aren't listed there have a look on all programs, If there they will have an option to uninstall

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