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My starting OF consists of Alfonso Soriano, Jason Bay and Hunter Pence. I need an OF to replace Pence. What...

OF can I get for Tim Lincecum? One particular owner has offered me Bobby Abreu for Lincecum. His other OFs are Nick Markakis, Carl Crawford, and Ichiro Suzuki. Should I trade him Lincecum for any of his OFs?

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    That would be dumb.

    It's hard to say because you didn't tell us your pitchers.

    If you have depth in your rotation.

    Do It.

    Though your giving a great pitcher in Lincecum.

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    no. none of those outfielders are having particularily good seasons compared to lincecum. markakis is decent but not worth linceicum. crawford's value has dropped because of his bum hamstring, thus far less steals. suzuki is not having a great year, but if you are set on making a deal, go with suzuki.

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