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My starting OF consists of Alfonso Soriano, Jason Bay and Hunter Pence. I need an OF to replace Pence. What...

OF can I get for Tim Lincecum? One particular owner has offered me Bobby Abreu for Lincecum. His other OFs are Nick Markakis, Carl Crawford, and Ichiro Suzuki. Should I trade him Lincecum for any of his OFs?

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    Pence is starting to hit again.I would not give up Lincecum.He is a fantasy stud.Soriano is healthy now and should get you some solid stats.The outfield is so deep with players that it doesnt equal out in a trade for a pitcher.I would give Pence a couple more weeks.Dont get rid of Lincecum.

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    Nope, Lincecum is an animal. He's worth Alfanso Soriano's or Vlad's... not Bobby Abreu or Ichiro.

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    Try going for crawford hes a great player, although i dont think you should give lincecum, give pence and someone else for him.

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    Yes but not Abreu. Tell him you want Ichiro or no trade. Thats what I would do.

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