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good clothes for a thirteen your old girl?

i am thirteen yrs old and i am lookin for new wntr clothes

where is a good place to shop at for a "kinda-tiny-for-my-age thirteen-yr-old-girl"

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    Well, abercrombie kids has always worked for me, i'm 12 and also really small. uhm, old navy has a few good things, they have really cute jeans. all my jeans are from there. (right now their having a 2 for $25 sale) um, hollister might work (i'm about 4'6" and 75 lbs, and i'm 2 small, but u might be big enough) and aero would prolly work. also, i would try target, they have some really cute things once in a while, and tjmaxx has cheap stuff in everyone's size. well, hope u find some cute clothes! oh, and also outlet malls if some stores r 2 expensive, they often have cheap in random sizes (lotsa XS and XL cuz nobody bought those...)

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    I'm thirteen, too.. but I have the opposite problem, lol. I'm a foot taller than my best friend and I'm the tallest one in my grade, and thats 400 people. It's impossible to find clothes long enough for me!

    But Abercrombie has a lot of small clothes.. but it is expensive so I don't go there a lot..

    Maybe Kohls? I like their clothes.

    My other favorite stores are Hollister, American Eagle, Pac sun, and Delias. Maybe that will help..

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    You could probably shop at Forever 21 or Wet Seal. Or Limited Too, JCPennys, Target, and Sears are always good places to go.

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    I'm turning 13 and I wear whatever I like, lol.

    Only problem is I'm like an XS.

    Limited Too would be okay for you.

    Gap Kids also but I'm not sure what's the biggest size that they have.

    Good luck.

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    I suggest Vanity! They have awesome clothes and the cutest jewelry. (I'm 14, but I shopped there when I was 13). Good luck!

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    i in my view think of that goodies For Kohl's is fairly wonderful. you know, the ruffles, the purple- it makes you sense so glamorous. yet all 13 12 months olds are distinctive. some like Volcom, some like continuously 21. anybody is distinctive!

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    the gap and target little girl

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    jcpenny is a good place to go

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