i live in modesto california and i dont know what bar to go to for my 21st bday?

ok so now that you know where i live maybe you can help me decide what bar i should go to for my 21st bday next month

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    There is no rule that says you MUST go to a bar on your 21st birthday. Just because you *can* do something does not mean you must do it.

    It is OK to be a mature grownup and not a drunken slob. How about a nice dinner at a nice restaurant and maybe an alcoholic beverage or two...

    Or does this


    somehow seem like a good idea to you?

  • bolde
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    4 years ago

    nansee, cali is the mecca for amazing nutrients. I dont stay in cali tho. Dont circulate to a chain! how bout some cool fish tacos or a kickass steakhouse or a seafood place? its not uncomplicated to furnish advice cuz plenty relies upon the place in cali u r. coast or greater inland? look up community cooks and notice what they r offering.. happy twenty first btw :)

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