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Another broken Olympic promise. Are you disgusted with Chinese censorship of journalists?

China promises free access to internet without censorship when it got the games. It is now breaking that promise. Journalists arriving in Beijing are finding many websites blocked.Is this another example of why Beijing does not get it and why they should neve have been given the games?

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    yes, damn china media, censoring whatever to their people for whatever reason. but we will have cnn here, according to cnn, they give 100% non-biased facts, and thats what makes us americans proud.

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    It's firewall built into the Chinese internet system. It blocks anything deemed inappropriate to Chinese citizens. If the journalists use a proxy server they can get around the firewall. Did people really think they were going to allow the citizens free access? I don't believe the Chinese promised free access to the internet, just free access to the games. Jouranlists are supposed to have the right to report without interference from Chinese police. That doesn't mean if they work for a blocked news outlet that the Chinese will be able to see it, only that people in other countries can see it.

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    DIDN'T I JUST TOLD YOU TO SHUT THE HELL UP!!! BUT DO YOU LISTEN!!! NO!!!! Why do you have to make the world such a bad place to live in, are you like possessed or something.

    If you hate the Chinese so much why don't you join a racist club

    ( I'm sure there are plenty in United States), or not shop at freakin Walmart, do you just have to drag the Olympics into this, is it because you have no life or is it that you are possibly smoking something? So what if China's blocking all the negative things written about them, its not like the USA is doing any different, why don't you boycott USA, huh!!

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    maximum in all probability those web pages are blocked less than the board customary time period "nationwide protection". Likewise in the states or the united kingdom, i'd nicely be held in reformatory without arrest less than anti-terrorism guidelines for affirming something like Bin Laban's attack on the dual towers develop right into a nicely theory out plan, in spite of the undeniable fact that i stumble on the certainly action sickening. Oddly adequate having lived in Beijing for 2.5 years I nevertheless yet or the great ex-pat community has nevertheless yet to work out public execution of monks on the streets of Beijing.

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    All they have done is guarantee bad press from a bunch of mad journalists that are whipping themselves into a frenzy.

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    they are also cheaters...china sucks

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