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Jonathan Taylor Thomas lovers:)?

i met him last week and i was just wondering how many people acutly loved him because ive notice alot do since i asked the question to see if he was into me because we kissed.

but yea im metting him again on monday if he calls and isint busy want me to tell him anything for you

and ill post a question to tell you guys how it went and what he said to what you want me to tell him :)

okay so talk to you soon

ill edit to answer back if you have any questions

and really if you dont belive me its alright alot of people dont

it jsut matter that him and i both know we met :)

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    Sory it's so long. But jonathan taylor thomas urmylife, please read it.

    You are so-o-o-o-o-o lucky. I wish I were you. And I wish he was my age. And thank you for posting stuff about it. Now if you can, PLEASE ask what he is doing. Like is he married? (wait, he shouln't be. scratch that) Is he acting? Planning on it? What's his job? Is he going to colege? Where does he live? (state wise, not that specific) It seems like a lot, sorry. But if you can just ask stuff like that gives a clear picture of what his life is kinda llike now. I know it seems weird, but for like at least 5 months I kept thinking about this question. Where is Jonathan Taylor Thomas. I have been obsessed with finding the answer. And if you caould please post it, I would be so thankful. You would be a hero. Then I could stop trying to find the answer and work on my slideshow. I kind of have a slideshow of him, with 998 pictures. But don't think I'm weird. I just got bored one day and picked by favorite celebraty. And also post a picture if you can. I am DYING to see what he looks like now in 2008. Like the question I had before. Now you are so lucky. If you were to tell him something it would be that I am a big fan and think he is a great actor. Oh yeah, and please ask if he is still a vegetarian. I really want to know. Because I became a vegetarian because he was(you can tell him that if you want). So yeah. Oh yeah, and if you can please ask what's his favorite book. I heard it was Catcher of the Rye, bu I'm not sure. Thank you SO MUCH. I will look for your question. This will make everything worth while. Thanks. Please post how it went too. Thanks. And good luck.

    I know it's a lot. So if you can please ask questions about vegetarian and fav book. you probably know a bit about him too though. and a picture if you can. Wow that's a lot. Sory. Just pick and choose. I appreciate this so much. Thanks for sharing.

    just #1 fan of...

    Jonathan Taylor Weiss

    Jonathan Taylor Thomas

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      who ever you are you are a huge huge huge lyer you never met jonathan taylor Weiss the actor you never kissed him thi is a dream of yours so keep on dreaming ok if you have met him you sure would not be posting it on yahoo answers for the whole world to know

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    hi its me!!!! i believe u!!! plz tell him wht i told u to tell him on ur other quesiton!!! thank u soooooooooo much u rock!!

    okay idk if u saw wht i wrote on the other answer to the other question similar to this one but if u did plz ask him that stuff and this

    wht is he doing now?? tell him im 13 and real sad hes 13 yrs older. wht is his fave book? oh well im sure u got the otha stuff ive told u.

    thank u sooooo much this really means alot to me!!!!


    i luv jonathan taylor thomas!

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    If you're out in places where you can meet b-list celebs, why are you sitting at home on y!answers advertising it?

    We get it.

    You met him, you kissed, congrats.

    I wished I was you every day of my 7th grade year.

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    Call him Simba! That movie rocked!

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    dont worry i belive you!!!! hi this is me!!!!!!!! can you tell jonathan taylor thomas that i say hi, even though he doesnt know me! tanxs!!!!!

    -#1 Jonathan taylor thomas fan!!!

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    Is that guy still alive? You're dating yourself.

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