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Why dont you ansewer BJJ/Judo people?

I continually see on here everybody saying they train BJJ, Judo, MMA, etc. You all answer the What's the best style questions, with of course your favorites, you have no problem doing that.

Yet Judomofo asked a question on basic elements or moves in BJJ/and Judo and we have an astounding 11 answers, most from traditional arts people with a familiarity with armbars and throws. here is the question:;_ylt=Ah2sS...

My question is where are all you tough guys who consistantly claim to train in one of these, or at the drop of a hat say they are the best style at on this question? If you are all as good as you say you should be able to answer this no problem. Or are you all posers?


Mito- i know that they couldn't have all missed it, and I would have thought that at leastone or two would have seen it. besides I have a feeling there is more coming.

Update 2:

Jeff- I am simply trying to find out where all of the people who claim to do BJJ on hre were at for the quetion. Was there like a certian secret BJJ metting that only they knew about that prevented them from it?

Update 3:

Anti thesis and Bill- Believe it or not I do understand taht people work. i also understand sometimes things get bried quickly. I also know that there were maybe 1 or 2 people who actually claim to do BJJ/Judo that actually answered the question, even though no matter what time a best style quetsion is asked, there are at least 4 answers sayng BJJ/Muay Thai etc. Quite honestly I don't know if you train or not. i am not saying you don't. i just find it funny that we have all these supposed BJJ experts on here and none answer basic technique queastions.

Update 4:

rear naked joke- Good observation.

Update 5:

Edit for darb b- Are you asking me? Because the anwer is I do not know, because we do not work many leg locks, if any.

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    They're the "telephone/keyboard" toughguys, as we all know. Too bad they don't have a live moderator on here that can move these numnuts to a knuckle dragging cage forum.

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    I answer a lot of questions here. So in my own defense, My background is mostly TKD. Boxing is something I picked up in the backyard, messing around with friends in high school. The extent of my Judo is the hip throw and that's all I know it as. I don't know the Japanese name. And counting the free sample classes that I've attended, I've had only six hours of mat time in BJJ. With that being said, I still feel that most of the advice I've offered here, especially on the subject of self defense, is valid, due to my combination of Martial Arts, real life, and On The Job Experience. Some people might say I'm "busted", but I beg to differ. My compliments to you for calling out the posers, and to Judomofo on asking some great questions. It has actually inspired me to do more research into Judo.

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    I study Tae Kwon Do(I don't need to hear all the bashing about how lousy it is) and coach wrestling, I've never claimed one art is better then other. I enjoy my art and support and promote it but I tell people when asking those questions they should try out different arts for themselves. It's easy in today's world to post as a tough guy but if all these people are studing Judo, MMA BJJ then why is TKD still rated as a the fastest growing sport.

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    a lot of bjj people are posers and UFC hopefuls-there are a lot of wanna be tough guys on this forum who have all the balls calling you out behind the computer screen-the fact of the matter is, They dont know anything about martial arts-all they know, or they think about martial arts-all they know, or they think they know, is mma and bjj..usually uneducated thugs who all of the sudden unearthed their true calling into mma..You mofos know exactly who you are, so stop with the tough guy bs Im a trained ninja dont f with me ... .

    Dont get me wrong-i train in bjj myself and know a lot of great educated, intelligent dudes that i train with..but there are some idiots great educated, intelligent dudes that i train with..but there are some idiots in my Own class who need an *** beating to get them out of the im a tough guy attitude.

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    At this point all the right answers have been given in one post or another, so they would only cheat now. Too bad there isn't a way to hide the answers until the quiz is shutdown.

    EDIT: They couldn't all have missed it, but they could all be fakes.

    Source(s): Just my thoughts.
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    well i dont answer them cause ive never done judo or bjj i just watch alot of martial arts but i want to do them in the future

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    Maybe some people arent on here 24 7 like you, and some people like myself dont search past the 3rd page.

  • 4 years ago

    I think many are just too lazy to go through them, particularly if it is just a silly question. They may not know the get 3 points back when they do.

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    Lol, of course... the posers probably aren't going to answer this thread either.

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    I dont do mma, but I do have a job. Just saw it, gave my 2 cents.

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