Unusual Computer Crashes?

I have recently, after receiving my computer back from a repair shop ironically enough, been experiencing some rather unusual crashes. I can be playing any game for any length of time and then BOOM! it freezes, my monitor then goes black and presents a "No signal input screen", it then does one of two things, it either restarts, or goes back to the game, but in a freeze framed state, with red, blue and green dots all over the screen in a sort of pattern playing the last second of sound I heard before the crash in a loop, the only way to get out of this is to switch the computer off manually.

I am using a Windows XP Media Centre Edition Desktop PC

1gb of ram

ATI Radeon x1050 graphics card, which is accepted by all the games I've tried to play. I have all the latest drivers.

I should think that's all is needed to be known however if there is something else needed to be known in order to solve this issue please inform me.

My question is quite simply, can you solve this problem?


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  • 1 decade ago
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    It seems your radeon wish to see their videocards God ))

    or may be it's cooler do not doing well it's job

  • 3 years ago

    i think that the video card is overheating. working video games makes the video card paintings lots tougher, making greater warmth. consequently the crash/draw close. examine the dirt around the video card, sparkling it out in case you are able to. it is plausible the video card has overheated too lots, and is fallacious now. yet another decision, although much less in all probability, is the potential supply, the voltages mandatory to run the video (frequently +12V) might have been overloaded, and heavy lots (like video games) may well be inflicting the +12V rail to drop or have numerous ripple voltage (risky voltages)...

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