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Do you care if your team is hated?

There's so much talk about teams being the most loved or most hated. I'm a Yankees fan and when I was a kid, it used to bug me that so many people hated the Yankees. Now, I gladly accept it. You know why? Because when your team is hated by other teams fans, that means they're probably doing something good. Like winning. Remember what Reggie Jackson said: "They don't boo nobodies."

So tell me, Yahoo folks. Do you like it or hate it that your team is hated? Would you like your team to be more hated than liked? Let's hear it.


To Chris G: I tried that whole "could you be indifferent" thing, but it doesn't work with non-Yankees fans. There's usually no middle ground with the Yankees. You either love them or hate them. But I'm more willing to talk with you if you actually have something intelligent to say. Hate all you want, but at least have something constructive to say.

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    no i actually don't care too much. my team is the yankees and they are one of the most hated teams in mlb if not the most. but i just don't like when people come at my team and they know nothing about it.

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    I love the fact the Yankees are hated why because they are successful , and have been for a long time and they boo and hate my team , but i love it and i don't care if people don't like the Yankees that's them , and well they can boo all they want they are just hiding the truth that the Yankees are a good team

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    I am a Yankee fan as well and I could care less whether people hate them or not. There are plenty of Yankee haters out there and I don't let it bother me. That just means my team is successful. No one is going to hate on a team that loses year after year.

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    I am proud to say I was born a Yankee Hater, because even though I only really got into baseball in the early 80s, my Mom was a Brooklyn Dodger fan

    Source(s): GO SOX GO .. Thanks for the memories Manny and good luck in LA
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    I live in the OC area and 99.6 % of the people here go for the Angels, I however go for the Dodgers.I know the Angels are a great team, and i have a large amount of love and respect for them,but first and foremost i will ALWAYS be a Dodgers fan,and when people throw out negative comments about my team it just makes me wear my Dodger jacket with MORE pride!

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    I don't think too many people hate the Brewers, with the exception of Cubs fans, but I think they underestimate them. So I don't care if they are hated, if your team is hated it's probably because they are winning all the time. Just like I hate the Patriots and Lakers.

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    Personally, I don't really care what people think of the Red Sox. I guess I'd prefer non-Sox fans to be indifferent as opposed to hating them so that way I can have conversations with other teams' fans as opposed to just them telling me why they hate my team.

  • I honestly don't really care. If my team is hated (Oakland A's, which I'm sure not that many hate) is fine with me, but I know some people who hate the A's for no reason, which is what makes me mad. I'd rather have them liked then hated because I don't like people hating on my team.

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    I'm an Indians fan and a Browns fan, have been for years so I'm used to all the slurs by other fans. I get a warm feelin though when one of them beats the hecklers teams! =o`)

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    Oh, not at all. I couldn't care less, honestly. Teams are hated because they're GOOD. Simple as that. The same goes for the Red Sox...they're hated because they're a good team. I take haters as a compliment.

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