What's your point of view on Phil Anselmo's white pride speech? Do you think it's racist or not? Rant.


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you can check out the vid with his white pride speech in the link above. The most convincing answer will be chosen as best answer.

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    i didnt watch it, (i'm at work) but probably racist, and just an asshole in general.

    pantera sucks anyway.

    ok i watched it and it seems pretty clear cut to me. he is racist. of course he is a f***ing racist you dont say sh*t like that unless youre a racist. you just dont. starting your racist speach with "we are not a racist band we have friends of different races" doesnt change the fact that he is about to go on to stereotype all black people, stereotype hip hop, and throw around the exact same veneer deep bs you might hear at a Klan rally. "calling a spade a spade" thats f***ing bull, call a racist a racist.

    also, if you want to wear a shirt that says "i take pride in my european ancestory" you can do that, you cant wear a white pride shirt without being called a racist because it is a slogan used by racists. any idiot knows that it is not about pride.

    jd ma- what does free speach have to do with anything? we arent debating if he is allowed to say things, we are debating if you think he is racist based on the speach.

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    Phil Anselmo Quotes

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    I would say because we are the majority, but really in the world we are not, Over a billion Chinese make a good start for Asian being the major race on the earth. Maybe it is because we are often in the middle of the $hit that goes on in the world. Is it even true that a "White Pride Club" would be looked down upon in other parts of the world? What is the "race deal" in other parts of the world? Is there even the kind of animosity in most of the rest of the world between races like there is here? Well in places like South Africa the answer is kind of obvious, but how about other places, like Argentina or Turkey or Romania or...? I don't really know. I know I was in Western Europe in 1975 and it seemed like people didn't really pay attention to the color of peoples skin so much, but I was only there for 69 days and I am sure that it is different to live there, so I really do not know what the rest of the world thinks about our problems with racial harmony. Good Question.

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    Oh Wow

    This is going to take some truly massive thought. I'll be back with at least part of My answer.


    In some respects He's right. The point about it being alright for African American being fine for wearing Black Pride shirts but if a White Person wore a White Pride shirt they would be branded as a racist is absolutely 100% correct.

    There definitely is a racial double standard in play against Caucasians in America, sorry but there it is, Political Correctness sucks, no matter the form it takes.

    Also, another point I have observed. In the city I live in I have seen hundreds if not thousands of White Kids driving around blaring Rap and Hip Hop. I have yet to see a Pickup truck full of Black Kids blaring Judas Priest or Tim McGraw. Just an observation.

    All that being said, Phil Amselmo does strike Me as being a borderline racist, but he does have a good point here and there amongst the raving.

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  • 6 years ago

    I don't think its racist what so ever. His point is valid and justified. I do however think he's pushing buttons with his frustration and probably went about it the wrong way. I am a fan of his for sure but believe me when I say I would not be if I had even a small shred of doubt on this. Don't get me wrong, although I have met him I do not know him personally so he may be racist. However based on whats in front of me(Internet,videos,books…ect) I do not believe either phil, or pantera as a whole are racist, they are just very very white.

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    4 years ago

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    ** Don't request this question be deleted from answers - I think it's being asked seriously, not maliciously ** I've wondered the same thing before. After really thinking about, here's my opinion. It's just a guess. Latin is almost like Hispanic in that it's more of a culture than a race. You could have people from Spain with white skin, people from the Carribean with black skin, people from Jamaica with Eastern Indian skin, people from Equador with American Indian skin, and people from Mexico with brown skin, who would all consider themselves Latin for example. However, the Spanish language, certain cooking styles, and Catholic holidays as well as many other similar traditions make them "Latin". That's fine to celebrate, just like it's fine for a white person to celebrating St. Patrick's Day, an Irish holiday or Columbus Day, an Italian holiday. It's even fine to celebrate something about another culture that's not even your own. As far as black pride goes, the lines were drawn between white and black people well before we were born from everything from slavery to the NegroLeague in baseball - and those lines were drawn by white people who have long since expired. Black people in the United States who descended from slaves and their masters have a history of oppression that they overcame as a culture through solidarity. White people just don't have that to celebrate as a culture - some sub cultures like Jews or Irish do, but not white people as a whole. You didn't mention anything about Asian groups in your questions, what are your thoughts about them appreciating their culture?

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    He's been sketchy before; plus he does have an apartheid tattoo on his arm. Then again Vinnie Stigma from Agnostic Front has a swazi on his neck and claims it simply means "chaos." Ha, Stigma.

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    It sounds to me like he is making a racist speech, but that video was in 1995. Things change now, but he is right about white kids buying rap CDs than black kids, while black kids today are downloading music on-line. They pick up suburban language, dress like the black kids and etc. I think it is cultural, since it felt like the hip hop era, old school vs. the new school. But he is wrong, there is some who would buy rock CDs. Plus, in one of his speech, he say we are the great superior race(white people), that was a total shock to me. Since America is the home people from different race living peacefully together, it sound like a wallpaper covering up prejudge,religion and gender discrimination, racist and more hate crime that me, you and anyone can experiences. I I was like 7, and I never heard of him nor the speech he made. It may sound offense, but he have the freedom of speech, nobody will stop him, not me, not you , not Al Sharpton. But I felt that he is a hateful and angry person that can do no better!!!

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    1 decade ago

    I don't think its racist. I do think he is very ignorant, but that doesn't make you a racist. Hell, Cosby says similar things, but with less f-words. I have said this a thousand times, leave the soapbox off the stage.

  • jd ma
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    1 decade ago

    Don't have one. It's called free speech.

  • 5 years ago

    HE AIN'T BUT "EVERYBODY HATES EVERYBODY" the dude is smart,tells it like it is,,,\m/

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