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Bare Minerals?!?

If you've tried Bare Minerals, do you like it? Why or why not?

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    I have been using Bare Minerals for about 6 years now and it is the only foundation I will wear. During that time I've tried different mineral and liquid foundations and nothing compares. My skin looks better, you can't feel that it's on and it literally lasts all day (I wear makeup sometimes up to 12 hours and it still is there at the end of the day). It has great buildable coverage too, so it will cover acne pretty well without looking cakey, although remember to blend, blend blend. That's the secret to natural looking makeup :). They have really fantastic eyeshadows too, I'm a total addict lol.

    I'm not sure what Prue was talking about when she said it had a bad smell, the entire time I've used it I've never experienced a smell from any of the containers I've used. Maybe she got a contaminated one... anyway there should be no smell.

    To Silvergirl1909: Yes, it's true that Bare Minerals does have sunscreen, but it does NOT replace regular sunscreen. You would have to wear a super thick layer to get any kind of coverage. The best thing to do is to wear a moisturizer with an SPF of at least 15 under your makeup.

    I've gotten several friends into Bare Minerals, and my aunt recently started using it after her dermatologist recommended it to her. He actually sells it out of his office too.

    I've read that some people complain that it makes your skin oily, but this isn't true. If you have oily skin your skin will become oily during the day, it just happens, and it will make your skin look greasy. I find that on a super oily day and if I don't take care of my skin well the foundation will kind of slip off. But that doesn't happen if I use the blotting papers and if I make sure to use the mineral veil. It helps to absorb oil and make the foundation last longer. Also you can get a primer that will help cut back on the grease and keep your foundation looking fresh longer.

    Yes, Bare Minerals can be expensive, but I always buy mine on eBay brand new and it's a lot cheaper.

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    I have it and I use it sometimes. It's a lighter coverage look but I have a light caramel skin color with yellow undertones so it doesn't match me very well and trust me I mix the colors!! I like the base mineral serum but I mostly stick to Mac because it works best for me.... I have found that with all the kabuki bush etc you sometimes end up putting on more than you would normally because it is in a powder format so initially it sucks (cause it looks more made up)but once you have used it for a while it works pretty well. If you have a lot of acne or scars I wouldn't recommend it though!!

    There is this new site.... check out ELF (eyes lips face) they sell the mineral makeup for a fraction as I spent like $100 on the essentials to start out when I bought from bare minerals so you may wanna go there first and see if it works for you. As they have great prices trust me!!! Good Luck!!

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    I used bare minerals for a year and I loved it. The only problem is that I found that I didn't get as much coverage as I needed and I had to reapply after 6 hours of wear. But I recommend it for light coverage and it has SPF 25 in it, so you can skip the sunscreen. You can really sleep in it and it won't cause excess breakouts. I suggest going to your local dealer (I bought mine at Sephora), but a lot of spas carry it, and talk to the experts to find a color and see what's available.

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    As with any make up, there will be pros and cons. I love Bare Minerals, been using it for 4 years. Its light, silky and doesn't feel like a mask. Only draw back is, it smudges and sometimes have to re apply, but girls do that anyway with their make up. They also have a huge line of eyeshadows, lipglosses, lipsticks etc. Not to mention its all natural, no harsh chemicals.

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    I really like the eyeshadow

    it's really interesting you can do a lot with it

    I don't use foundation so I have no reason to use bare minerals for foundation

    but if you do use foundation it's a good idea

    just because it's good for your skin

    it won't make you break out

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    I've tried Bare Minerals foundation and liked it because it was very lightweight and doesn't clog my pores.

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    Yes, I love it! It lasts a really long time and doesn't get old. It blends with most skin tones for a more natural look. The starter kit is a great investment!

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    i exploit bare minerals and it quite works large! i does not reccommend it for someone who needs to discover something that could want to cover severe zits or darkish spots. it really is giant at enhanceing your organic elegance. quite well worth the money.

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    When I worked on the set at Current TV the hosts like to use it, it gave them a natural look and good coverage, I like it because I dont like to wear foundation because it so fills so heavy, gets on your clothes, on your cell, etc, etc. Go to the one of the boutique and get a sample to try for yourself

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    I have tried it and i love it!

    The reason why i think it's such a great product

    is because it goes on fast, it's light on your face,

    and it covers all your blemishes.

    It also keep your skin feeling softer and healthier

    then all the other liquid foundations i've tried before

    I would reccomend it to everyone i know!

    Try it! trust me you will love it<3!

    Source(s): my own experience
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