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Does anyone know where any famous baseball players live?

Can any one tell me the address of any famous baseball Player? PLEASE!!!!!!!!! I am really desperate!!!! I was thinking maybe Biggio,Bagwell,Bonds or Carlos Lee but any would be helpfull!!

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  • Wow.

    I'm Scared.

    For Biggio, Bagwell, Lee and even Bonds.


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    I used to work at Comerica Park (Tigers Ballpark) and used to see all the players but in person I've met, Al Kaline, Kirk Gibson, Alan Trammell, Lou Whitaker, Matt Nokes, Bobby Higginson, Craig Monroe, Joel Zumaya, Jeremy Bonderman, Nate Robertson, Brandon Inge, Robert Fick, Jeff Weaver and Johnny Damon I met all of them at Comcerica Park, except Joel Zumaya I met at 5th Avenue and hungout with him for a lil bit, and I met him at an ABC Warehouse that my dad works at, the day they opened up the store him and Craig Monroe, no relation with Marilyn Monroe they were both there signing autographs and the time I saw Damon at CoPa, he was still playin for the Red Sox in 03', and I talked to him for a lil bit and right b4 he left I told him, and this is true, I'm bein honest I said "I bet u this year u will lose to the NYY (who he plays for now) in the ALCS, and then in the Off-Season of 04' u'll get the 1 last piece of the puzzle your team needs, and finally get over the hump of passin the NYY in the playoffs, and end your curse and win the WS in 2004" and he's like "ooook" now I wonder if he still remembers me tellin him that

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    Some of the Sox live in North Attleboro, MA

    Some of the Patriots live there too. There are some awesome homes in this one little community...

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    I am sure these guys have homes in multiple locations. One near their respective team and one where ever the f they want to live during the off season. What do you want to do, write them a letter? Send it to the team. They get fan mail all day everyday!!! You're desperate for what? A life?

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    the fact this nut thinks someone on yahoo answers is going to give away MLB players addresses just like that tells you he's not all there.

    Can someone give him Albert Belle's address?

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    Bonds is in Beverly through BH screaming his name and I am sure that someone will help! Don't be afraid of the cars helping you with the red and blue flashing lights!


    like the one person said have you seen "The Fan?"

    this is kinda stalkerish

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    Jimmy Rollins lives in New Jersey.

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    Cole Hamers (ace for the phillies) lives in West Chester up the road from me.....I am pretty sure he lives in Arbor Manor (Neighborhood)

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    Have you seen the movie 'The Fan'? This question worries me.

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