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why do some Christians keep perpetuating the myth of "prayer ban in public schools"?

are you aware that prayer is not banned in schools? MANDATORY prayer is what's banned and not to "persecute" Christians but to expand the freedoms of ALL people.

how do Christians like it if public schools (which are funded by the federal government) mandate a Muslim prayer to Allah and ALL the students must comply?

now do you see where non Christians are coming from?

Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists or whatever religion people might have are ALLOWED to pray in schools as long as the prayer is NOT FORCED by the school on other students.

pray in your little corner no one will say anything.

why then do you have to make a fuss about nothing?!

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    Check out this question from yesterday. It has my favorite quote of the which the author asks "Why can all the Atheists walk around not praying?";_ylt=AptXh...

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    In some places that concept has gone too far. Even privately praying is frowned on simply because the school wishes to avoid the conflict. I can't blame them BUT in SOME (rare) places, it is discourages completly. I will play fair.

    BUT, but but...I live in the South and it's usually the other way around. My six year old was ostrasized from a group for not being "saved". The teacher did have to step in and tell ALL the children that school was not the appropriate place for it. It really is a case by case judgement call. There is a fine line between keeping your own rights and stepping on other peoples.

    We all just need to learn how to mind our own business when it comes to things like this. We, as a society, get offended entirely too easily. I honestly don't care if there is prayer around the flag pole or Christian clubs. I DO care when those same Christians socially ostrasize and outright fight OTHER faiths to have that same right.

    We need to learn to live and let live. ALL OF US.

    asker: In God We Trust wasn't added until the 50's. How did our forefathers have anything to do with that?

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    I pretty sure most Christians understand this. It upset some because America is founded on Christian beliefs and our forefathers of the government were Christians. Some believe that we should not change anything and because we have done something a certain way for a while that is how it is supposed to be. Having said that I, as a Christian, can understand the implementation of a "moment of silence" instead of a prayer. However, there are some that say that we should remove "from god we trust" from our currency, which is ridiculous because it represents our forefather's beliefs.

    "Why can all the Atheists walk around not praying." LMFAO!

    EDIT: "In God we trust" represents what our country was founded on and is not meant to intrude onto others beliefs. I was referring more to how there are extremists on both sides of the argument. Those people that wish to completely remove Gods name and all documentation of him from American history.

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    Persecution Complex. These people live in a different world, plain and simple.

    I have even directed them to cases that the ACLU has fought and won on behalf of students and teachers protecting their right to pray, and they STILL refuse to accept reality.

    The Arkansas case someone mentioned bans prayer at MANDATORY STAFF MEETINGS. See how that works?

    All public school students, teachers, and staff are allowed to pray to whatever god they choose. It cannot be mandatory and it cannot disrupt instruction time. That is the law. Any teacher in this country who is afraid of saying something [as a prayer, I assume] that might get them fired should contact an attorney. Period.

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    Forcing people to participate in prayers against their will is against the law in the United States.

    Apparently some Christians are not happy with that and wish they did have the right to try and make everyone pray.

    Private prayers always have been a protected right and anyone who says otherwise is lying.

    What some of them might need to understand where Non Christians are coming from on this issue is an example:

    Lets say the United States tried to institute this new policy.

    You had to participate in Potato Worship on a daily basis.

    If you did not do so, you'd be publically reprimanded and chastised for it.

    Obviously, this is illegal and will not happen in this country, but, the law exists to protect

    everyone's freedom of religion.

    Freedom of religion also includes freedom

    from religion if one so choses.

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    Because they need that perception of persecution for their religion to work. Add in "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays", etc.

    The bible says they will be persecuted...and when they are not they have to make up things so the bible will be true.

    If no mandated prayer and someone saying Happy Holidays is the worse persecution you ever face, you have it pretty damn good.

    RUTH: Atheist teachers can't even tell their friends they are atheists because they will not only lose their jobs, they will be abused and run out of town. I doubt there are any christians worried about that....or even worried about being seen in church.

    When 99% of Congress, the President, and 85% of the population is christian., its a little hard to be persecuted. Even teachers.

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    Perpetuating myths is the cornerstone of Christianity.

    The problem for them is, the rest of us have had enough. They've gone too far.

    And we are now calling them out for the liars that they are.

    Christianity is dying... and I hope I live to see the end of it. That will be a very satisfying day for me.

    Edit - Asker, no it doesn't represent our forefathers. That horseshit was added to currency by Christian lobbyists back in the 50s.

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    You know, anyone can pray anywhere without anyone being able to control it. However, I do know that publicly praying is against public schools policy for Christians. It's not just organized everyone-must-do-it praying. There was a group in the high school here who met for a prayer each morning and they were told that they were not allowed to do that anymore because it's against the policy to have an organized religious meeting anywhere on campus. But they allow for Muslim groups to gather and other religions like that.

    Christians will always be persecuted for what they believe, and they just need to realize that and move on with life and not let it affect them.

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    Part of the christian heritage is persecution of christians, so they claim to be persecuted even when there is no persecution, in order to feel more like one of the flock.

    It doesn't have to make sense; they're christians, for pete's sake!

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    They get off on feeling persecuted. The evil secularists persecute the Christians by making it difficult for them to persecute everyone else.

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