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What does it mean when a female has a tattoo on her lower back?

In the movie Wedding Crashers, Vince Vaughan's character is heard saying the following:

"Tattoo on the lower back? Might as well be a bullseye."

Is there any truth to this statement? Do females get tattoos on their lower back as an indicator that they're sexually uninhibited? More specifically, that they do it doggy-style? And, is it like the guy is to remember the tattoo design so he'll remember the great doggy-style sex he had with this female - possibly for future reference?

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    LOL...the lower back tattoo, more commonly know as a Tramp Stamp, does have the stigma that the girl is trashy, but in all actuality, it's just a place to put a tattoo.

    It can be very sexy...depending on what the tattoo is.

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    Like others have mentioned, the derogatory term referring to a tattoo on a woman's lower back is "Tramp Stamp", because it is said to be a sexual connotation indicating that these women are promiscuous and/or are willing to have anal sex; but frankly, this assumption is quite wrong. This is just another area where a tattoo can be placed, and often a lot of women get it there because it's easily hidden in formal situations, and it will not stretch when you gain weight--with pregnancy, for instance.

    Vince was denoting her tattoo as a 'target spot' to ejaculate, which I find to be demeaning to both women and tattoos.

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    no i dont thnk so - i got my first tattoo on my lower back when i was 18 and i was still a VERY modest virgin. Its just a stereotype that people put with the placement of a tattoo... \

    kind of like when you here ankle tattoo's are the markings of "white trash" - by no means am i saying thats true, i just mean its a sterrotype, nothing more.

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    I think its starting to lose its meaning if it even had one. There are so many women that have those tattoos now days. Dont get me wrong they are super cute, but cant people start getting tattoos else where for a while. I used to want one of those and now it i got one that would mean i just like all those other girls.

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    Just another location for a tattoo. Nothing more to it.

    Lots of guys think that tattooed girls are easy anyway, regardless of location...Nothing could be farther from the truth. We get tattoos simply because we like tattoos.

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    The Bullseye comment refers to an easy "lay"up. A lower back tattoo is often referred to as a tramp stamp. Vince just meant that he will have an easy time bangin her

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    It means nothing. It's a location on the body that girls get tattoos. Some are sluts, some are not. The placement of their tattoo does not indicate that. Do yourself a favor, don't rely on where a girl has a tattoo to determine her character, or if you are going to get laid. That's just pathetic.

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    it maybe true but girls get tattoo because they want it there ive seen some really meanful ones there

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    NO THATS NOT WHAT ITS FOR. its what sick, perverted, never gonna get laid - guys assume its for. its just a tattoo.

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    I have heard "Tramp Stamp" but not from any of those who have them.

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