HOW to SING high notes??

well i love singing and not to brag but i think im a good singer and everyone my friends family teachers say i do to but i just cant hit high notes. i took chorus but i still need help.

like any tachniques to hit them n i kno i can get to them im not in the low range

so i need help breathing and knowing how to warm up and other stuff


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    The exercise I use to develop my high range is to start on the pitch where I can warm up my voice. (keep in mind this is for my range, so you may need to adjust for your range.) Using my head voice, I will hit a B, above middle C, and first work to make sure I start cleanly, with an OU sound. If I do not get the attack correct, I work until I am satisfied with my starting note. Then I will sing down the scale in 5ths. You want to make sure you are doing this in Head Voice, not full voice. I will then run this exercise five times, moving down 1/2 step each time. After I run this, I will drop down to a B right below middle C and work to keep the same tone in my middle range. Exact same exercise. I have to work to keep the tonal quality the same here, as I have a tendency to belt out my comfortable range. Again, I do this down the scale in 1/2 steps. Then go back to your high range. For this I will start back E above middle C and do the same work only going up the scale 1/2 step until I reach the note that my throat starts to clamp down on. I identify the note that is the limit of my upper range and make a conscious effort not to go any higher than that note. With that limit note, I then will try singing the scale exercise changing OU to other voicing such as aa ee ii oo uu. If the strain is more than a discomfort, stop and work one note below.

    When you start singing in your high range, if you feel any strain what so ever in your throat, don't go any higher. Drop down to the highest note that you can comfortably sing. Work on that range until you are 100% comfortable and slowly work up till you can comfortably hit the notes you want. Remember, though, there is a limit to your range. Pushing to far to fast can damage your throat to a point you'll never get there, so proceed with caution.

    do not POWER your high notes. If you have to scream to hit them, nobody is going to enjoy listening to you singing it. Keep your voice under control at all times, and not only will you sound better, you'll be able to sing much longer, without tiring out.

    Also, remember to switch to your head voice, the higher you go. As the notes get higher, the sound wave the create gets shorter and closer together and do not need as much power to generate, so lighten up on the higher notes. Think of it as an upside down cone. Your power should be on the low notes and decrease as you sing higher.

    Last word of advice. Listen to yourself sing. The only way to listen to yourself is to record yourself and play it back. When working on a phrase. Record/Listen identify what is working and not working, and fix it. Then record/listen again until it is right. Then proceed up your range.

    Good luck and keep the song singing.

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    I am a singer also. I would suggest that you find a vocal coach. My choir director was a music major and I also took lessons from him. You are right about breathing, but you need to know how to breath and the only way is to take lessons. However here are some tricks that I were taught and still use.

    1. learn this phrase doe (pronounced like the female deer) re (pro:ray) me fa sew la te (tea) doe. When using this phrase start lower than your range and then repeat-starting with the last doe as your beginning range. You can also us one word or phrase (like la) and move up and down the range with it.

    2. You must breath using the muscle between your breast and your stomach(forget what its called). To do this, try holding your breath for 5, 10, 15 seconds (starting with five and building to 15 or higher). When exhaling, try to exhale slowly. I found that it is easy to do (as a beginner) this standing against a wall with my heels and shoulders resting on the wall.

    These are two of the tricks that I can think of right now.

    Again, find a vocal coach and practice, practice, practice, practice.

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    You can't just start singing higher over night. You need to have alot of practise and you need to know how to breathe the proper way. The thing that I recommend is joining a choir ( professional ) or getting a vocal coach. It is better if you get to know the techniques from a person/people, that way you can see how it's done the right way. p.s an added bonus; choir is a great way to meet alot of people who share your passion.

    Source(s): I am a soprano in a choir. :)
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    You need to learn a technique with your voice called falsetto. It's more of an airy singing voice but it will get your pitch range much higher.

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    hey as a fellow singing i no a trick you can use to have ppl think your siging highr

    start out lower that way when u hit the higher notes its easier

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    Try doing repetitive vocal exercises, each one on a higher note. If you continue practicing, working higher each day, you should see gradual results.

    As for anything else, there is no magical way to give yourself a wider vocal range. You have to practice every day to work.

  • dont get scared and shy

    push ur belly out slow ly when hitting high notes

    and smile when singing high notes

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    well. what you do first is Lift your eyebrows to bring all the sound up and out. Don't try to close off your throat when you get scared of that high note. also use your diaphragm and push against it with (not with your hands) your air.

    try to make sure your not letting out too much air. and don't be afraid.

    Source(s): :) singing for 3 years in middle school, and soon to be 3 in high school.
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    Sorry, I cant help... But I have the same problem... haha, I sing at my church and its really hard for me to sing with 'high noters'... lol i try to go high with them, but it always sounds stupid.. haha...

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