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Does 'Diversity' help a mostly white state like Iowa?

Ames, IA has recently had a lot of of welfare people from Chicago move in, and suprisingly, now there's murders, shootings (including with police), carjackings, kidnappings, Christmass tree vendor being robbed at knifepoint by a 12 year old kid, and here's the latest (see the video)

Do you think this town is being 'blessed' with Diversity

Or Cursed?


race has nothing to do with this, yet, in a mostly white town, the violent crime is 100% black perp

just a coincidence, i suppose

Update 2:

1st and 3rd answers reflect an extreme resistence to seeing things as they really are

Update 3:

'tincoatr' said "Perhaps you should read the local newspaper more instead of listening to gossip."

you know how i first learned of this story?

i went to fill up at my favorite station, and found it MARKED OFF WITH YELLOW POLICE TAPE

Update 4:

and that make BOTH stations i go to victims of blacks with guns - this one with a murder, the other a sawed off shotgun robbery

Update 5:

also, the article you posted?

burger king robber sam mack? - black basketball player

deasis brothers, who cut that firls head off in 1989? ->hispanic

thanks for making my point

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    I understand what you mean but I think you are looking at it wrong. It isn't about diversity. It really isn't a racial thing. It is a cultural issue. People that live in big cities, whether black, white or Hispanic, tend to have a different set of ethics from people that live in small towns or rural areas. "City people" usually don't know there neighbors and don't have any respect for their neighbor's property. This can manifest in everything from littering on the neighbor's yard to stealing. The worst of these people carry it a bit farther. They don't value the lives of their neighbors. The only thing that is important to them is themselves (and maybe their own family).

    "Rural people" tend to have more of a sense of community. They look out for their neighbors and help them when in need. Respect is something everyone is given.

    I live on the edge of the Chicago suburbs. I see the same thing happening in the new subdivisions being built and the people moving in are upper middle class whites.

    EDIT: Perhaps you should read the local newspaper more instead of listening to gossip. This article points out that crime waves have happened in the past (not 100% black crime) and that current crime is associated with growth (not 100% black crime).

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    Race has nothing to do with this, really. Diversity to me is not including other Americans. This is not a different race of people. Diversity in the greater sense of the world is a fantastic thing!

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    I never understood how diversity was supposed to help. What makes it such a good thing? It only brings different people into more conflict with each other.

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    i love that state, quite high-quality human beings, loads of farm u . s .. jap Iowa is rivers, lakes and bluffs, western Iowa is all flat land and fields. Alot of small cities. quite some vast factors like Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Waterloo/Cedar Falls, and Dubuque, yet something is all small cities.

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