hollister, A+F and abercrombie in new york???

i am going to manhattan on holliday in 8 days so does anyone know the best hollister A+F and abercrombie (kids) shops in new york (manhattan)....would i be able to have the adresses are there any other really good shops which i should go to??

x thanks

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    kind of disappointing but there aren't any abercrombie kids and hollister in manhattan yet. there are plans for a hollister to be built in soho but im not sure when and if they already started building it. there are 2 a&f's that i know of. one on 5th avenue (that one is there flagship store) and another in southstreet seaport. i deff recomend going to the one on 5th avenue. it's HUGE! but if you wanted to come out onto long island a bit, you could go to the roosevelt field mall, which i believe is in either queens or nassau. i was just there the other day and they have all of those stores that you want to go to.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    there is no hollister and Abercrombie kids around in manhattan, but I usually went to staten island mall to buy clothes from hollister, it is kidda cool, but you could still go to abercrombie which near southstreet seaport, and there is a place where most of the tourists are, or you could just take 6 train to 5 avenue to abercrombie. But I would recommend you to go to American Eagle because the quality of the clothes and jeans or whatever in there are great. I bought a lot of stuff from there, have a nice holidayy... :D

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  • 1 decade ago

    i dont think theres any in manhattan

    but on long island

    theres plenty

    i usually go to the walt whitman mall ( huntington New york)

    its about an hour away but theres probably one closer

    check it out on the websitee


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ummmm....only suburban kids wear ish like abercrombie and hollister. So you WILL stick out.

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  • Just go to these stores' websites and check their locations.

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