How is Printing media better than electronic media ?

Printing media consists everything printed.

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    1 decade ago
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    Print takes on a more personal connection with what the writer is saying

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    When you hold the words in your hands it has a feel to it and not with your fingers either

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  • 1 decade ago

    The phrase, “Get it down on paper” has never been more meaningful. Having words and images that

    you can examine and hold in your hand, review, show to others and keep in a safe place provides a

    degree of reassurance that no bit‐and‐byte medium can match.

    People love the speed and scope of the Internet, but the WWW’s fleeting nature makes them

    wonder: Am I getting the fast shuffle here? And what’s all this contradictory information? Conversely,

    our ink‐on‐paper medium is believable because print is real, print is timeless and print is focused.

    That is why print is credible than electronic media.

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