How can I promote my business.... for free?

Basically I have a friend who owns a business called Browzar, ( and we just wanted some ideas on how to promote it. It's a free web browser that is designed to clear all your private data (ie. cookies, your cache etc after each session ((so when you close it)))

Any ideas.



Sorry address is there was a bracket on the end...

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    There are many ways to promote your business for free. Social networking sites, craigslist, write articles on the subject and submit them to Go Articles or Ezine Articles etc, viral marketing (put your link on a (useful) e-book you wrote or a plr copy and offer it for free. Put a video on youtube, write a press release, use google trends to get traffic, upload a torrent file, use fatwallet, limewire, etc etc.

    You can download a free e-book I have compiled at:

    In this book you will find lots of very powerful free and low cost ways to get traffic and sales. I can also make more available on request or you can get them from my blog.

    However, if you are wanting serious instant traffic to get your business off to a flying start then you can get your ad on the top five ads position - probably higher - on the front page of Google, MSN, AOL, Altavista etc etc.

    All done for you by a team of pro's and fully guaranteed. This does cost you money but not nearly as much as you would spend trying google ads yourself. It is totally guaranteed and there are no contracts etc. You pay a pre agreed fixed fee which you are quoted. No pay-per-click fees at all!

    This is serious marketing on a very reasonable budget and would pretty much guarantee your biz starts with a bang.

    Have a look at my site for more information:

    Take a look and ask for a no obligation quote. (you will even get 300 free adsense templates just for getting a quote).

    Either way, download my e-book for free. It has lots of info that you will be able to use to boost your marketing for no, or low cost. Mostly no cost.

    My blog will also be a source of top-quality, free marketing e-books, software and tools too in the near future. Stop by and have a look there too, occassionally.

    (just a blog spot blog until I get round to uploading it to my own sites host but don't let that put you off)

    There is so much c*ap out there I feel the balance should be redressed with some stuff that actually does work.

    Good luck with your business.



    David Ewen Marketing

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  • Check out Google, they have a few free tools, like the map tool. You can add your business in their map database for free. They also have AdSense, AdWords.

    Sheila (your love life paramedic)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well, you could try business cards, and such...this web site has some for free, other are just real low cost. Check it out...

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    Dedicate myspace page to it. Also, open a Linkdin account. Good luck.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Your business sounds creepy. That would only be good for pedophiles, people cheeting on their wives, and such.

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  • 6 years ago

    check out this blog if you're interested downloads are free and have actual things

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