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Human chromosome 2: a blatant lie?

How do evolutionists claim that human chromosome 2 is 'proven' to be the fusion of 2 ape chromosomes?

First of all: the molecular structure of the chromosome is different from the chimpanzees or other ape chromosomes. But the macro-structure appears similar when colored with certain chemicals. It's like looking at the sea from 10000 feet and saying "it's all the same". But when you get closer you see that the waves are unique for each portion of the sea surface.

Second of all: How would a mutant with 23 pairs of chromosomes reproduce in a population with 24 pairs of chromosomes?

So, why do evolutionists lie with such boldness?

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    Chromosome 2 is widely accepted to be a result of an end-to-end fusion of two ancestral chromosomes. The evidence for this includes:

    The correspondence of chromosome 2 to two ape chromosomes. The closest human relative, the bonobo, has near-identical DNA sequences to human chromosome 2, but they are found in two separate chromosomes. The same is true of the more distant gorilla and orangutan.

    The presence of a vestigial centromere. Normally a chromosome has just one centromere, but in chromosome 2 we see remnants of a second.

    The presence of vestigial telomeres. These are normally found only at the ends of a chromosome, but in chromosome 2 we see additional telomere sequences in the middle.

    This is pretty conclusive evidence. You are wrong about the different chromosome numbers making it impossible to produce offspring. We have examples of species that do produce offspring. The horse and donkey have different chromosome numbers and produce the mule when they have offspring together. Although the mule is sterile there are factors that genetic situations that can result in fertile offspring. People with Down's syndrome have an extra chromosome 21 and are still able to have offspring with non Down's syndrome people. Our distant primate ancestors also had no stigma about mating within its own group with siblings so it would make passing on the mutation within the group initially fairly quick.

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    What the f*ck is an evolutionist? Is it like a gravitationist?

    Do you know NOTHING of basic science?

    Evolution happened, is happening, and will always happen. That's why we need our wisdom teeth and appendixes taken out, for a very brief example. Deal with it.

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    What is the source of this claim.? Evolutionists don't all agree on much of anything

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    Now now - a lie? a blatant lie?

    We mustn't cast such unpleasant aspersions

    Let us say - a simple misunderstanding.

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    Yes, I agree. Due to our huge personal differences I think you and me are completely different species and were never related to one another.

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    You're an idiot.

    "Evolutionist" is not a word.

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    This is there Holy Grail !

    They don't even know what your talking about.

    For them it's enough someone said there are 100000,s of proofs yet here is the one held up as absolute !

    And you just blew away another myth.

    Good for you.

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    Can you provide any evidence that it is a deliberate lie, rather than a mere error?

    Didn't think so.

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    ask in the science section, they could do with a laugh

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