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Mirrors in Gardens to reflect light - Does it work?

I have a garden that has only really got 1 spot at the bottom that gets th sun all day. I am thinking of putting a mirror along the fence at that spot so to 'reflect' the sun back in. Thats the theory anyway - has anyone tried this? Does it work? Any tips?

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    Using mirrors in a garden will help reflect light into your garden. Just watch where the sun's reflection hits the garden, so that the intensity of the sun's reflection doesn't hit any plants too much for their needs. You can re-adjust the mirror or move the plant.

    They actually sell mirrors for gardens here:

    You can also use mirror balls & other garden sculpture like these:

    Shiny metal strips... artistically designed, can also be placed on the fence or hung in the garden to reflect & intensify light. Designs similar to this would look beautiful & should be easy to make:

    I like the starburst mirror designs like these in which you can get creative & use metal alone or combine metal strips & glass:

    Since you'll be using your mirror outdoors... I wonder if you could weatherproof it somehow?

    Some people even suggested using mirror tiles in a garden on this site:

    You can also use a water sculpture, or place stained glass panels on your fence to reflect light into your garden." Small town gardens may be shaded, so features are included that use and reflect light, such as mirrors, water, pale walls and paving and shiny foliage. It also has subtle lighting that extends the enjoyment of the garden into the evening."

    Yes, it works... & I just love using light reflecting objects, like mirrors, in my garden.

    Good luck!!! Hope these suggestions are helpful.

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    Using Mirrors In The Garden

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    Yes, it works and It's based on the theorem of light reflection.

    It should be placed in garden, it saves light energy and also adds beauty to garden.

    Source(s): Wired and Wonderful UK
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    yes it do a really great job,no complaint's about it...I am using it right now in my back yard,since I have a lot of big trees,that keep's out the sun most of the day,and most of my yard...I have two big ones,and one small one bouncing of each other,and now I have roses,snapdragon,peony,wave pitunia,dalhias.....all growing really good and flowering too ...oh I feel so

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    yah you can and it works well. its warmer for the plants but make sure its not to warm and to not burn them.

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