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fabric T-400?

Hi everybody,

I'm now doing a project regarding to denim fabric "T-400" but it is no much

info from internet. I just found some fabric characteristics only. Pls give me some web-site or book name or link for more details info. Thank you very much!!

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    Our Winter 2008 range focussed on subtle warp yarns in colors ranging between Deep Indigo and Blue Black. The color variations comes from grey and brown tints over dark indigo or black.

    * Clean flat fabrics with minimal slubs in lighter 9.5 oz weights are sophisticated and urban in dark colors.

    * Green cast denim is over-dyed with Grey or Brown and then mercerized to give a clean look to the fabric. It also gives multiple color effects.

    * Stretch Denim is offered with Lycra and T400 to give good elongation to the fabric. TYREX finish, a black lycra denim treated with resin and then callendered to give a soft but firm handle and leathery effect.

    * Organic denim is also available in 10.5 & 11 oz weights, both in rigid and stretch. There is currently strong demand for White Denim.

    * Developments in fibre variety containing tencel and polyester are done in light weights.

    The products for the next season Summer'09 are developed based on the following concepts,

    * Vintage look for heavy ageing effects using super refined long staple fibres.

    * Ecru Denim for a natural look with Ecru warp and pre-dyed cotton weft.

    * Linen look fabrics with Ecru cotton warp and natural linen weft resulting in soft hand and good texture.

    * Indigo Chambray using fine ring yarn and mercerized effect to give a special feel.

    * Color denim is still strong and we present a range of blues with Green and Grey Bottom. Look out for Mint Green, Solar Green and Smoke Blue.

    * 'Nep Denim', a dark Indigo with neppy rustic character will be a product to watch.

    * Stretch comprises of dark indigo with resin treatment, cotton core spun lycra and T400 Bi-stretch mix

    I don't know is it what you look for, but for more infomation, you can check with this website!!




    I hope this can help you with!!

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