T5 lighting system

Any comments for the T% light

How to know what lighting system of my house using - T12, T5 or T8 ?

I would like to use a more energy efficient light in my home. what can i do

Please give me some advice and I can do somethings for the environment

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    According to a T5 lighting system producer, the "5" actually refers to the tube's diameter -- an aspect that your fish could not care less about.Technically, any fluorescent tube should be referred to by the letter "T" followed by a number, which indicates the diameter in 8ths of an inch, so the one inch diameter tubes that most of us are familiar with are T8 (eight 8ths of an inch), and the fatter tubes that used to be the standard, and that are still used by some are T12. So T5 actually only means a light with a diameter of 5/8s of an inch.So why all the fuss? Small 12" long, 8Watt tubes have been on the market for a long time - these are only 5/8 of an inch diameter, but they don't appear to be any more powerful than a regular tube. The reason being that these are regular output T5 lamps - when talking about the new type of lamps, we should strictly speaking refer to them as high output T5's, and it is the high output part that really makes the difference - producing a light of much greater strength than a conventional tube, and as a result the energy input into the aquarium is greater.Also, light diminishes very rapidly as it travels through water, but with T5 lamps the effective distance is significantly greater than with conventional tubes, meaning that deeper aquariums can be maintained with an illumination that is effective to the base.For more details about why T5 tubes are better, please go to:http://www.arcadia-uk.info/product.php?pid=15&mid=...

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    Please note that the above info. is based on the producer's analysis, and using an ordinary fluorescent light is more energy-saving than using an energy-saving light bulb. (i.e. you have made a green choice already, when compared with most other families)

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