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    我不確定你這是要做什麼的 可是 你的內容並不是很連貫 從學習英文跳到旅行 中間應該是要有一些共通點或是連貫性 翻成英文才不會突兀 我試著把你的句子重組 分段 你需要想一想把這些不同的idea連在一起

    One of my interest is learning Enlgish. My goal is to master lisening, speak, reading and writing Englsh. To archieve this goal, I watch English programs to learn more vacabularies and to get broad knowledge as bouns. When I see new vacabularies and phrases, I will look them up in the dictionary and memorize them immedidately.

    I also enjoy Chinese and reading. I read literature everyday. I look up new phrases ands word and memeorize them when I find new ones. I feel I get a lot from every book that I read.

    I love to travel. I can discover the uniquite features and culture from differnt places and also have tons of wonder memories about them.

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    As far as I am concerned, My habit is to learn and to study English,

    when I read a word that I cannot spell or something else, I always

    look into my dictionary or s. th. else and then memorize it. I'm in

    favor of watching Nature Programm in addition to enrich a lot of

    knowledge and learn much more English; and I'm also fond of

    watching movies because it can learn English as well. My goal is

    to be an expert in English whatever in hearing, speaking, reading and

    writting aspects. I am very like Chieses and reading, too. I have a

    normal habit for reading literature novel everyday, while I'm seeing

    several words and proverbs that I don't undertstand, I usually look

    up my dictionary and try to memorize them; everytime as I finish

    reading a book, I think that I get so much a lot. I am ultimately in

    love of being self-traveling along sideways, not only I can appreciate

    different places' cultural differences, but also I can own extremely

    wonderful memories.

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    既然你這麼熱愛英文也希 望能增進我認為你應該試著自己寫在 集思懬意大家的 意見及幫忙這樣一來一舉兩得

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